Italian Arthouse Ceramics

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Payments methodsTop
We accept most major credit cards for transactions in US Dollars, Euro and British Pounds.
You can pay with your credit card directly, or use the Paypal payment option. You don’t need to be a PayPal member to use their payment services.

If you're paying with a credit card, enter the number without spaces or dashes. All credit cardholders are subject to validation and authorization by both us and the card issuer, to maintain security and prevent fraud.

Your payment information is secured by Thawte digital certificate, a leading US Certification Authority, which protects the credit card data submitted to thatsArte.com through the use of encryption. Should any information be intercepted, it will be unintelligible without the unique key used for decryption.

We do not store your credit card information on our servers. Your payment is processed by STRIPE, a leading US gateway.

If your card issuer is based in the EU, you may be asked to verify your payment due to a new requirement under the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2). You’ll be directed to a dedicated page to enter further information or asked to authorize the payment using your mobile phone. Once completed, you’ll return to thatsArte.com.

Payment chargeTop
Payment is debited from your card when the order is confirmed.

Customs duties and feesTop
No Customs duties and fees are due for shipments to the US, Australia, UK, and European Union member countries.

A contribution to Customs duties and fees and local taxes are due for shipments to all the other countries.