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Our company

"Passionate about Ceramics … just like you!"  

We founded at the close of 2007 armed with passion and an unwavering belief: that there are many hidden treasures in traditional Italian pottery that deserve to be given a chance.

  “We want to go beyond the obvious and 
   show the world the heart and soul 
   of Italian heritage”

Literally every single region in Italy has its own identity and hosts talented artists and craftsmen. They have proudly chosen to interpret and preserve their identity using traditional techniques and designs to create wonderful pottery pieces.

Unfortunately fewer and fewer, these artists are mostly unknown to the majority of people visiting Italy and sadly often to Italians too. They represent the heart and soul of Italian heritage and it’s their work that we have chosen to show the world.

Extending the privilege of made to order in Italy
As Italians, residing in Italy, we are used to discussing with our artists and craftsmen every detail of our pottery before orders are finalized and we very often ask them for made to order objects, just like noblemen and wealthy merchants did during the Renaissance.

Each and everyone of the magnificent masterpieces hosted in our museums was commissioned by someone who not only paid for it, but often took the role of a true patron and made creative decisions about the subject, the size, the shape…

From the very beginning we decided to extend the privilege of commissioning the artists for made to order works, giving ourselves a voice to their projects and an eye to their realization.

Some figures and facts
The responsibility to fulfill such a challenging promise led us to travel for almost one year all over Italy before creating the first catalog of products for our future Customers.
Today, by featuring a 5,000 piece collection of fine Italian pottery, is one of the largest online stores, rightly renowned for its quality and the service it offers.

So far we have selected 14 artists and craftsmen whose works are representative of the heritage of 6 Italian regions: Deruta, Gubbio, Montelupo Fiorentino, Caltagirone, Messina, and Civita Castellana.

Our products are arranged into 6 categories which include Italian dinnerware, serveware, kitchenware, prized decoration accents and collector pieces, tiles, murals and keepsakes.

No compromise on quality and authenticity
We have personally selected each piece of pottery featured on based on three criteria:

  • We just LOVE it!
    It’s what we would like for our homes, definitely not what’s made only to please the occasional tourist…
  • It’s hand made and hand painted, namely it’s the end result of a manual process where creativity, talent and experience blend to create something unique
  • It authentically represents Italian regional heritage.

Shopping or learning?
We personally designed website with the ambition to offer an exciting shopping experience to a demanding Customer; one who wants to know everything about the pottery piece he or she is about to purchase. That’s why the website allows multiple information layers:

  • Information on the category and the pottery piece
  • Information on the artist of each piece
  • Information on the region and its heritage

The same reason has influenced our choice to have a double navigation menu. The  “shop by category” section provides a novice Buyer of Italian pottery with a quick access to the shopping area whereas the “ shop by region” is more suitable for experienced Customers who know exactly the style they like or are looking for specific artists.

A personalized service
A close relationship with all the artists is the key to our Special Order Service. It’s so exciting to offer our Customers the thrill to directly commission the Italian ceramic artist they prefer with a tailor made piece! 
We personally follow every step of the process, from the development of the idea or the project, to the discussion with the artist, and onto the final making of the piece. The positive feedback we regularly receive from our Customers is our most valuable reward for the special service we offer.

The founders
We are avid collectors of Italian ceramics, proud mothers, and professionals… Click to learn more about us. Italian Pottery Journal
Over time, the positive feedback of’s Customers and their enthusiasm for the extensive information provided on the site has encouraged us to devote even more energy to our educational effort and to the interaction with Italian pottery lovers all over the world. Hence the official launch of a blog, that has quickly evolved into an Italian Pottery Journal featuring news, commentaries and reviews on events, exhibitions, artists’ biographies, books, and historical facts.

Tiziana Manzetti & Manuela Morena
Email us: info at
Mail us: Srl, Strada Montebagnolo Valbiancara 15/o, 06131 Perugia (PG), Italia