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Useful resources

 - The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) is a non-profit organization with its headquarters in Washington, D.C.
NIAF is dedicated to serving as a resource for the Italian American community and works to preserve the Italian American heritage and culture, and promote a positive image and legacy of Italian Americans.
It also strengthens and empowers ties between the United States and Italy.



Cooking classes in Umbria - One-day cooking lessons to anyone who wants to learn the culinary tradition of Umbria and Italy in a warm, relaxed family atmosphere.

Giuliano Hazan
 - Discover the world of chef Giuliano Hazan: accessibly authentic Italian recipes, cooking school at the Renaissance Villa Giona, and a guide to everything Italian. Where you create lasting taste memories with family and friends.


International Ceramic Directory - Providing you with links to ceramic artists, manufacturers, historical sites, marks, museums and more.

Italy Culture Month - Celebrates and promotes Italian culture through organizing special events, concerts, exhibits, lectures.

Italia Living - Celebrate the pleasures of living the lifestyle of Italy and share our passion for all that is Italian. Italy Travel - Martha Bakerjian excellent site introduces the first time traveller to the joy of independent travel to Italy, from the top destinations to off the beaten track experiences.

Learn Italian- Learn Italian guide, all about how to learn italian and how to speak italian.

On the gas - The art, science and culture of food

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