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We have selected for you  unique pieces of traditional and modern Italian pottery to create a large collection of Italian decoration accents. They are all handmade by talented Italian ceramic artists and craftsmen: hand painted wall plates, planters, umbrella stands, centerpieces, vases, wall clocks, apothecary jars, table lamps and much more.

Italian Decorations from Eugenio Ricciarelli
Eugenio’s fascinating geometric patterns harmoniously combine to create unique ornamental ceramics. His wall plates, umbrella stands, and jars candidate to be the ultimate decoration touch in your home.
Italian Decorations from Ceramiche Magnanelli
In Magnanelli’s pages you’ll be tempted by valuable collector’s lustre wall plates – unique pieces for art lovers – and by elaborate scroll handled ceramic centerpieces, jars and bowls, finished with a charming antique patina. Most of the pieces are available in three different background colors: red, green and blue.
Italian Decorations from Alvaro Binaglia
Alvaro is one of the finest artists of majolica istoriato ware in Deruta, whose talented hand creates real masterpieces, all finished with a valuable antique patina.
Italian Decorations from Giacomo Alessi
Myths, poetry, legends, Sicilian traditions, human virtues and vices, magic and apothecary art, religion and peace: let us introduce you to Giacomo Alessi, one of the most successful Italian ceramic artists.
Italian Decorations from Francesca Niccacci
While reviving the splendors of Italian Renaissance art, Francesca Niccacci’s works are always vividly original and maintain a strong connection with modern lifestyle. Completely hand made and painted with only five glazes, artfully mixed according to ancient recipes, her ceramics are among the best Italy has to offer. They are featured in many Museums and Churches all around the world.
Italian Decorations from Ceramiche Sofia
Quintessential Sicilian pottery: handcrafted head planters, centerpieces, vases and figurines that are creatively inspired by the stunning pottery made in Caltagirone through the ages.
Italian Decorations from D&G Design
A most remarkable collection of very distinctive ornamental ceramics: a wide range of geometric wall plates exhibiting unusual color palettes, fashionably modern vases from a new artist with a great talent.
Italian Decorations from Francesco Fasano
Francesco Fasano’s pumi, candle holders and centerpieces are precious works of Italian ceramic art. Available exclusively on
Italian Decorations from Ghenos
Traditional Sicilian pottery at its best! What makes Ghenos’ wall plates and decoration accents so outstanding is their unique blend of Sicilian heritage, creativity and stubborn care for details.
Italian Decorations from Ceramiche Rampini
The simplicity of Rampini’s designs is deceiving. At a closer glance their ceramics will reveal all their refined elegance, with the intricate leaves and scrolls raising over the background in a unique sensorial effect. Most of the pottery, such as wall plates, planters, umbrella stands, is available in multiple color combinations on special order, free of charge.
Italian Decorations from Fima
Exquisite elegance, superior quality and subtle refinement are the key characteristics of Fima’s ceramics. We’ve chosen for you a few pieces decorated with the most beautiful traditional patterns in Deruta.
Italian Decorations from Ceramiche Ima
Some lovely decoration ceramics featuring unusual color palettes, distinctive shapes and superior quality. They are exclusively designed for by Ima, a most representative maker of authentic Italian pottery.
Italian Decorations from ND Dolfi
Distinctive character, high end creativity and physical relevance: those are the key elements of ND Dolfi’s textured art pieces. Vases, bowls, pine cones … a perfect combination of contemporary Italian taste and old craftsmanship.
Italian Decorations from L'Antica Deruta
A large collection of beautiful centerpieces, exquisite jars, stylish planters and umbrella stands: different ornamental pieces united by the same original mix of modern lifestyle and traditional designs.
Italian Decorations from Corte dei Gonzaga
Corte dei Gonzaga has forged an amazing reputation for the quality of her “sgraffito pottery”: a layer of white clay is applied on the raw pieces and the decoration is “scratched” on this thick surface before the first firing. The engraved design is then hand painted in the colors of the Mantova traditional ceramics.
Italian Decorations from La Bottega delle Stelle
Pottery is made of dreams, fired into imaginary worlds and appealing to pure hearted collectors … La Bottega delle Stelle is directed by Riccardo Biavati, a renowned Italian ceramic sculptor, living and working in Ferrara. His work is very often the subject of solo exhibitions held in Italian art galleries and institutions.
Italian Decorations from Giuseppe Schittone
Giuseppe Schittone is a young artist, who is positively bringing a fresh touch to the tradition of Sicilian pottery. He has a true gift for modeling: his Moorish heads are a real beauty, standing out from the crowd with their proud stance and audacious look.