Finely handcrafted, genuinely Italian

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We are very proud to carry a fine collection of Natalia and Daria Dolfi’s work.
Their pottery is very well-known for its distinctive blend of tradition and innovation.
Tradition is in the methods they use to carefully handcraft every piece and in the source of their inspiration.
Innovation is in the unusual proportions of their pieces, in the bold glazes, in the creative mix of textures and sculptural elements.
The strong character of ND Dolfi's centerpieces and tiles is central to many luxurious interior decoration projects.


Started in 1941 by Giovanni Dolfi, the workshop flourished with his son Silvano, a ceramic artist with a strong reputation in Italy and the US. Today, Daria and Natalia preserve their father's artistic legacy while growing the family business thanks to their individual talents and creativity.


When we first visited Dolfi's workshop in Montelupo we met Silvano, quietly sitting on a stool and modeling clay.
A reserved man, he summarized his craft in a few, simple words: “We design inspired by tradition, but our pieces are never reproductions. Montelupo’s traditional pottery, Arab and Spanish ceramics, Mediterranean art are our sources. We accept their influence, filtering it through our personal way of looking at artistic majolica”. Then he added: “Freehand painting is what sets each piece apart from the rest”. And that is what he did all his life: making artworks that stand out from the crowd.


Dolfi's creative talents apply to each step of pottery making. Their pieces are designed and made in their lab. The finishing takes a lot from sculpture: rings, dots, drops, pine scales are patiently hand made and applied when the basic form is ready. Metal oxides and minerals get then mixed to create unique shades. Their reds, pinks, greens, and golden shades are stunning!
In addition to Daria and Natalia, all the family members are personally involved in the business, everyone contributing their skills and passion.