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Italian ceramics - The enchanted tree - clay wistle, by Riccardo Biavati

La Bottega delle Stelle is directed by Riccardo Biavati, whose pottery is made of dreams, fired into imaginary worlds and owned by pure hearted collectors.

Nested in stoves, lairs or inhabiting wind swept trees, his characters tell the artist’s fairy tales with graceful irony.
Riccardo Biavati often likes to play with sounds too, adding to the magic of his ceramic sculptures.
Clay whistles, whose origin is lost in ancient history, have never lost their appeal in some Italian regions, where excellent “clay whisperers” like Biavati have turned tradition into art.
Each piece is absolutely unique: you will not see any molds there, just inspired hands and stoneware clay.


Product availability: if not in stock, Riccardo Biavati’s ceramics are available in 4/5 weeks.
Product information: Riccardo Biavati’s pieces are entirely hand made. Minor variations from the pictures we feature enhance their uniqueness and the value of their handcraftsmanship.

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Italian ceramics - Artist Riccardo Biavati in his workshop


Handmade Italian pottery - La Bottega delle StelleWho says that pottery is made out of clay?” Certainly not the lucky people who happen to visit the Bottega delle Stelle in Ferrara and meet Riccardo Biavati and his partner Antonella Manfredini. Watching their work, those people quickly see that pottery is made out of the same material of imagination and imagination, like everybody knows, can come up with endless forms, as iridescent as dreams, as sweet as cake frosting.

Riccardo Biavati is an Italian ceramic sculptor, living and working in Ferrara. His work is very often presented in solo exhibitions held in Italian art galleries and institutions.Handmade Italian ceramics - La Bottega delle stelle 


Just like characters in fairytales, Riccardo’s sculptures represent good and evil inhabiting the world we live in, where not always, perhaps never, things are what they seem to be and a metaphor can tell more than a thousand words.