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Magnanelli’s ceramics have a very distinctive ornamental appeal with their rich decoration and charming antique finish.
Golden dragons, scrolls, oak leaves and flowers adorn elegantly shaped centerpieces, umbrella stands and classic pieces, mostly available in three different background colors: red, green and blue.
Magnanelli is also famous in Gubbio for excellent quality of their lustres, the chief characteristics of which are their beautiful gold and carmine colors.

The Magnanelli family has been making majolica for 50 years. They own a small fabbrica and a shop right in the centre of Gubbio. Gianni, his wife, their son and daughter personally create the pieces they are famous for.

Their ceramic production is strictly respectful of the local tradition, both in the patterns, their colors and the production technique. We selected for you the type of pottery in which the Magnanelli's talent is best expressed: the XVIIth century pattern and the lustres.

The first pattern we present is a design dating back to the XVIIth century. The blue, pale green and red pieces, decorated with "grifoni" dragons, leaves and baskets are executed with a rare care for details and shades.
When we started our search for the best lustres in Gubbio, we were told that the Magnanellis owned the best formula for lustres. It’s true. We were totally charmed by the warmth and shine of the Magnanelli’s lustre plates. Lustres are collector’s ceramics: each piece is unique. The iridescent effect is obtained applying specific metals on previously glazed majolica by means of a third firing in reduced atmosphere. The results of metal oxidation in such difficult conditions are totally unpredictable and vary each time.