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Tuscany pottery handmade in Montelupo by Ceramiche IMA

Ima’s pottery is a lovely mix of tradition and sheer creativity. Their shapes have often unusual proportion, the colors they use are very bright and cheerful but no compromise is made on the strictly traditional production process and quality control.

We offer you two exclusive collections: Pompei, a bright red fruity pattern, and Frutta Blu, with a dark blue background.


Product availability: if not in stock, Ima’s pottery is available in 6/8 weeks.
Product information: all the ceramics made by Ima are food safe.

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Know more about Ceramiche Ima

Tuscany pottery - Handmade ceramic flask by Ceramiche IMA

Located in Montelupo, Ceramiche Ima is a small company born in 1978 and named after the initials of its three founders: Ivo, Mauro and Alberto. At that time, each of them had around 20 years of personal experience in handmade Italian ceramics.

Tuscany pottery handmade by Ceramiche IMA


Entering Ima showroom is quite an experience. Each room contains hundreds of fine pottery pieces, from huge 4’ high urns to spoon rests. They are ranged by collection and represent the widest variety of styles and designs we’ve ever seen. Despite their remarkable variety though, they all share the same love for stylistic and production quality. Some decoration motifs are inspirited to Renaissance, but many others are created by the Ima artisans according to the evolving consumer taste.


All pieces are totally handmade (some of them require up to 12 hours of painting!), using clay  extracted by the nearby Arno river and then purified by Ima for a better product quality.