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Bespoke Goods

Bespoke dinner plate handmade in DerutaMuseums all over the world proudly host Italian masterpieces. Most of them were commissioned to the artists by noblemen, royal families or wealthy individuals who were looking for something really extra-ordinary to offer as a gift or to display in their homes for their own pleasure and as a legacy to the next generation. 

Today, ordering a customized home accent or a personalized tableware is still a popular habit in Italy and something you can easily do from your country, thanks to our exclusive Bespoke Good Service. offers you the opportunity to order in Italy to talented artists and craftsmen personalized pieces, tailor-made, made-to-measure products or interior design projects.

Contact Us with your ideas and projects. We will personally discuss them with the artists you prefer and come back to you with a proposal and a free cost estimate. We’ll personally follow up the making of your unique pieces.

Please remember that once you decide to order a customized piece of ceramics, your order will be final: your credit card will be charged right away and the product cannot be returned to us, unless damaged in shipping or incorrect. See our Return Policy  for more details.