Evolution Art Revolution – a new frontier in Ceramic Art

Starting Sept. 2, 2010 in Paris, then on tour around the world until 2014

Italian Ceramics - Evolution Art Revolution logoThis event is meant to be an earthquake for (Italian) art and artistic ceramics, a powerful and meaningful attempt to change the course of its currently uneventful history – we’re open for discussion on this statement. Send in your comments!

We received the press release of the exhibition a few weeks ago from Nicola Boccini, founder of the CLS (Free Experimental Ceramics Association) and the creator of this extraordinary event. We grasped that something important was going on and we refused to publish it as is, meaning without first hand info and more clues on what the revolution was.

Yesterday we had a long talk with Nicola Boccini. Now we are definitely ready to tell you all about Evolution art /r/evolution.

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When Art becomes Pottery

June 20 – August 22, 2010
Perugia – Italy

A collective exhibition faces the old dilemma: Arts or Crafts? The answer offered to its visitors is: both.

Functional pottery made in Deruta is manipulated by the artists to create Art works, with eyes and minds wide open to new techniques.

The artists who are displaying their works are: Luca Aglietti, Valentina Campagni, Serena Cavallini, Michela Crisostomi, Stefano Fanara, Mauro Martin, Tiziano Micci, Laura Pozzi Rinaldi, Marco Prati, Stefano Selmi, Maurizio Sicchiero, Matgherita Taticchi, Milena Teneggi, RZ.
Centro Strozzi per l’Arte Contemporanea
Strada Della Parlesca
Phone: 0039 075604377
Email: centrodartetorrestrozzi@virgilio.it

Cantagalli, the Scottish dimension

by Sheila Forbes

On 31 August 1880 Margaret Tod and Ulisse Cantagalli were married in the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St. Mary’s, Edinburgh, with Ulisse’s brother Romeo, and Margaret’s brother Robert, as witnesses. His Grace, John Menzies Strain, Archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh, officiated, thereby establishing a permanent bond between the two fine cities of Edinburgh and Florence (SCA).

The Tods of Edinburgh
Margaret’s father was Robert Tod, Mill owner, a partner in Alexander & Robert Tod Ltd., Leith Flour Mills (NAS D76/1056), and a Leith Harbour and Dock Commissioner (NAS SC70/4/298).

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Italian authorities seize fake Deruta pottery

Do you remember our article about Deruta municipality stepping in to fight fake handmade pottery? Well, it has taken them some time, but results are definitely coming in!

Last February, after a two year long investigation, Italian police charged the owners of three companies located in Assisi and Deruta with fraud and other administrative crimes. They manufactured fake Raffaellesco and Ricco Deruta pottery that was then partly sold to bus loads of unaware tourists visiting Assisi, partly exported to Europe, Japan and to the US at competitive prices.

The fact is, none of the pieces they sold was actually handmade. Instead, decals (transfers) were used to apply Raffaellesco or Ricco Deruta patterns on the pottery surface, in violation of the law that protects the industrial trademarks. And the process was not even carried out in Deruta…
The officials seized more than 2000 ceramic items made with decals but bearing the words “handpainted in Deruta”.

Deruta Mayor – A. Verbena – is rightly proud of this important result, that was made possible by the cooperation between the Municipality and the Police Authorities. And so are the dozens of honest artists who daily work hard to keep up the tradition of handmade pottery.

Our thanks to anyone involved in the operations. Let’s protect the quality of our “Made in Italy”. It’s our heritage and our most precious resource.

Pottery Exhibition in Deruta – “Sins”

November 21 -29
Deruta – Italy

The Seven Deadly Sins are the subject of a very interesting – and short – pottery exhibition that is about to open in Deruta.

The theme is fascinating, indeed, and so is the idea to explore it from different points of view.

The central event will be the exhibition of ceramic works made by Attilio Quintili, Patrizio Chiucchiù and Daniele Buschi, who are the founders of the art movement “The Ceramixti”.

Around their art works, experts in theology, ethics, psychology, art history and philosophy will offer their own interpretation of the Capital Vices. The program is enhanced by the final concert held by Fakhraddin Gafarov, a famous tar player from Azerbaijan.

Chiesa di Sant’Antonio
Piazza Benincasa
Opening Hours: 10 am  to 1 p.m. – 3 to 7 pm
Ph: 0039 075 972121

Deruta – The Magic of Ceramic Art 2009

June 26 – July 12, 2009
Sept 12 – 20, 2009
Deruta – Italy

Italian Ceramics - Deruta: The Magic of Ceramic Art 2009 - Photo Credits: http://www.comune.deruta.pg.itThe second edition of Deruta Ceramic Festival is about to start. The program is attractive, not only for Italian pottery lovers, but for anyone who enjoys live shows and art in general.

The events will take place on Fridays through Sundays. Here is a selection:

ONGOING EVENTS: every Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Anyone willing to create his own ceramic masterpiece can join Deruta potters at the Open Ceramic Lab. From wheel throwing to freehand painting, visitors will experience the making of pottery and bring home their own solid ceramic pieces. The Lab is downtown in Piazza dei Consoli and is open from 11 am to 8 pm

Stands displaying Deruta artists’ works will be open all day in the main street of the old district

Exhibition of the 36 Italian Ceramic Towns Association (AICC) at Grazia’s Old Factory

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We went to Della Robbia exhibition!

Tiziana getting in the right mood for the exhibtion...

We made it. It’s always complicated to get organized with husbands and children to go to art events. They are not in the least interested but … Manuela and I have a secret weapon: GOOD FOOD!

We discovered a couple of years ago a nice wine bar in Arezzo, with excellent food, home made local dishes with fresh ingredient from the area. You know, ribollita, white beans, finocchiona, pecorino … Suddenly no one had any objection to a Sunday off and we met in Arezzo, under a cloudy sky, excited to see so many Della Robbia works in a single place. Continue reading

Ugo La Pietra Art Ceramics in Castellamonte

March 7 – 30, 2009
Castellamonte – Italy

Italian Ceramics - Interno and Esterno (Inside and Outside) by Ugo La Pietra - Photo credits: Arte.go

“Terre e Territori” (Clays and Territories) promises to be an extremely interesting and rich exhibition, gathering more than 200 ceramic works signed by a man (and an artist, a designer, an architect, a great teacher, a journalist, a film director …) who stands out for his contribution to Italian Modern Art.

Since the 60’s he has been exploring the relationship between human beings and their environment and how it affects the evolution of the objects they use, the habits they develop, their perceptions of the space surrounding them, their communication.

Fascinated by visual media, be it new technology or traditional handcraftsmanship, La Pietra has used many of them to carry on his researches on everyday objects, to him useful functional tools, but also symbols of a specific decorative culture.

Pottery making has been part of his artistic evolution since the 80’s, when he started to work on the idea of a positive interaction between industrial design and the rich imagery of Italian ceramic craftsmanship. With very interesting results, indeed.

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Lucerna Circus – A Ceramic Oil Lamp Exhibition

February 7-17, 2009
Perugia – Italy

Frezzini&Zaganelli - Circo Lucerna e Romeo il clown - 2008Each year the Lungarotti Foundation harnesses the creative forces of important Italian artists to offer a new, creative vision of the oil lamp and its flickering light that accompanied the life of people for many centuries. Oil lamps have been used in Italy until the end of World War 1. They were usually made of clay and burned olive oil, that neither smells nor smokes.

This year the project was assigned to Stelio Zaganelli e Cristina Frezzini, two young designers from Umbria, assisted in the making of their works by the School of Ceramic Art Romano Ranieri in  Deruta.
In a brilliantly creative association of ideas, they have jumped from the magic of the olive tree and oil – almost sacred in Italy – to the magic of the Circus.

Inspired by the atmosphere of poetry surrounding the 19th century Circus, so close to human virtues and vices, their large ceramic oil lamps/sculptures represent the key characters of the Lucerna Circus:

Sissi, the slender and elegant dancer, always in the limelight, desperate for a loving soul to share her destiny with;

Filo, the slim funambulist, continuously challenging his records but depending on drugs to keep his pace steady;

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