Guerrino Tramonti – Ceramics in Urbino, 1930-1970

September 2-30, 2010
Urbino – Italy

Italian Ceramics - Plate by artist Guerrino Tramonti (1974) - Photo credits: www.tramontiguerrino.itCelebrated as one of the most important Italian artist of the 20th century, Guerrino Tramonti was a a ceramicists, a sculptor and a painter.

This retrospective exhibition displays more than 60 ceramics made between 1930 and 1970, the highest peak of Tramonti’s artistic production.

The terracotta sculptures, ceramics, and stoneware on display in Urbino show the strong personality of a man who always interpreted his time with a powerful, Mediterranean modernity. He won his first prize at sixteen and since then he never stopped exploring new trends and new techniques, with enthusiasm and talent.

Cantagalli, the Scottish dimension

by Sheila Forbes

On 31 August 1880 Margaret Tod and Ulisse Cantagalli were married in the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St. Mary’s, Edinburgh, with Ulisse’s brother Romeo, and Margaret’s brother Robert, as witnesses. His Grace, John Menzies Strain, Archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh, officiated, thereby establishing a permanent bond between the two fine cities of Edinburgh and Florence (SCA).

The Tods of Edinburgh
Margaret’s father was Robert Tod, Mill owner, a partner in Alexander & Robert Tod Ltd., Leith Flour Mills (NAS D76/1056), and a Leith Harbour and Dock Commissioner (NAS SC70/4/298).

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We went to Della Robbia exhibition!

Tiziana getting in the right mood for the exhibtion...

We made it. It’s always complicated to get organized with husbands and children to go to art events. They are not in the least interested but … Manuela and I have a secret weapon: GOOD FOOD!

We discovered a couple of years ago a nice wine bar in Arezzo, with excellent food, home made local dishes with fresh ingredient from the area. You know, ribollita, white beans, finocchiona, pecorino … Suddenly no one had any objection to a Sunday off and we met in Arezzo, under a cloudy sky, excited to see so many Della Robbia works in a single place. Continue reading

Pottery in Raphael’s time

April 11-12-13, 2009
Urbania – Italy

An educational talk and guided tour will focus on the close relationship between Renaissance art in Urbino and Casteldurante pottery.

During the Renaissance the Duchy of Urbino, whom Casteldurante (now Urbania) belonged to, was known to be a most fertile background for Arts. The Dukes of Urbino ruled over a rich court, with broad cultural interests, that attracted a variety of artists.

Already well known in the previous centuries for their good quality earthenware production, after 1520 the local potters specialized in the making of istoriato majolica, that was to become a worldwide symbol of Italian Renaissance pottery. They were certainly encouraged by the enlightened attitude of the Dukes from Urbino and inspired by the success of the figurative painters working at Court.

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