Discover Italian Art Nouveau

Handcrafted Deruta ceramics and Brescia pewter

Art Nouveau developed in the 1890s across Italy and the rest of Europe, energizing the art scene with its exciting and seductive works of art that continue to influence contemporary artists and designers today.

Refusing classicisms and Europe’s modern identity of industry and mass production, artists purposely set out to revolutionize art and create something new – hence Art Nouveau. They drew inspiration from nature, abstracting organic subjects into sophisticated, flowing motifs.

Seeking to infuse everyday life with a new aesthetic, Art Nouveau sewed fine arts and craftsmanship together while successfully tearing down the hierarchies between the arts.
Traditional handicrafts had a glorious revival, with artists aiming to enrich the lives of the public by improving the design of domestic spaces and objects.
Art Nouveau’s legacy continues to inspire Italian artists and artisans today. We have handpicked a small selection of pewter and ceramic works of art to discover and delight in.

Discover our hand-picked collection of Art Nouveau ceramics by Francesca Niccacci from Deruta and pewter tableware and home décor by Cosi Tabellini from Brescia.