Riccardo Biavati – Poems, Dreams, Secrets and Tales

Until January 2011
Chiavari – Italy

Riccardo Biavati was born in 1950 in Ferrara. As a child, he loved to listen to the tales his grandfather invented for him. In an interview to Marialivia Brunelli he admitted that he never left the fairy world that he inhabited during his childhood. It’s a parallel world, where dreams come true and frogs, owls and blackbirds are familiar figures in the landscape. He calls them “his personal archaeology”, that he playfully combines with ancestral elements: the sun, the moon, the sea, wind, fire and, most importantly, mother earth.

Biavati’s works positively exude emotions and dreams. It’s part of their charm and you can’t help to feel light hearted and … smile.

“Poesie  Sogni  Segreti e Racconti”
Galleria d’Arte “Cristina Busi”  Chiavari
via Martiri della Liberazione 195/2 Chiavari (Genoa)
Ph. +39 0185 311937
Email: info@galleriacristinabusi.it

Lucerna Circus – A Ceramic Oil Lamp Exhibition

February 7-17, 2009
Perugia – Italy

Frezzini&Zaganelli - Circo Lucerna e Romeo il clown - 2008Each year the Lungarotti Foundation harnesses the creative forces of important Italian artists to offer a new, creative vision of the oil lamp and its flickering light that accompanied the life of people for many centuries. Oil lamps have been used in Italy until the end of World War 1. They were usually made of clay and burned olive oil, that neither smells nor smokes.

This year the project was assigned to Stelio Zaganelli e Cristina Frezzini, two young designers from Umbria, assisted in the making of their works by the School of Ceramic Art Romano Ranieri in  Deruta.
In a brilliantly creative association of ideas, they have jumped from the magic of the olive tree and oil – almost sacred in Italy – to the magic of the Circus.

Inspired by the atmosphere of poetry surrounding the 19th century Circus, so close to human virtues and vices, their large ceramic oil lamps/sculptures represent the key characters of the Lucerna Circus:

Sissi, the slender and elegant dancer, always in the limelight, desperate for a loving soul to share her destiny with;

Filo, the slim funambulist, continuously challenging his records but depending on drugs to keep his pace steady;

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