When Art becomes Pottery

June 20 – August 22, 2010
Perugia – Italy

A collective exhibition faces the old dilemma: Arts or Crafts? The answer offered to its visitors is: both.

Functional pottery made in Deruta is manipulated by the artists to create Art works, with eyes and minds wide open to new techniques.

The artists who are displaying their works are: Luca Aglietti, Valentina Campagni, Serena Cavallini, Michela Crisostomi, Stefano Fanara, Mauro Martin, Tiziano Micci, Laura Pozzi Rinaldi, Marco Prati, Stefano Selmi, Maurizio Sicchiero, Matgherita Taticchi, Milena Teneggi, RZ.
Centro Strozzi per l’Arte Contemporanea
Strada Della Parlesca
Phone: 0039 075604377
Email: centrodartetorrestrozzi@virgilio.it

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