Deruta – The Magic of Ceramic Art 2009

June 26 – July 12, 2009
Sept 12 – 20, 2009
Deruta – Italy

Italian Ceramics - Deruta: The Magic of Ceramic Art 2009 - Photo Credits: second edition of Deruta Ceramic Festival is about to start. The program is attractive, not only for Italian pottery lovers, but for anyone who enjoys live shows and art in general.

The events will take place on Fridays through Sundays. Here is a selection:

ONGOING EVENTS: every Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Anyone willing to create his own ceramic masterpiece can join Deruta potters at the Open Ceramic Lab. From wheel throwing to freehand painting, visitors will experience the making of pottery and bring home their own solid ceramic pieces. The Lab is downtown in Piazza dei Consoli and is open from 11 am to 8 pm

Stands displaying Deruta artists’ works will be open all day in the main street of the old district

Exhibition of the 36 Italian Ceramic Towns Association (AICC) at Grazia’s Old Factory

At night the exquisite Umbrian food will satisfy any gourmet. Choosing where to go will be hard…

The Scent of Ceramics. Deruta pottery interprets fashion fragrances
The Museum of Ceramics will host an original exhibition of ceramic bottles inspired by well-known fragrances. The artworks have been designed by International artists and designers and made by Deruta potters. Every bottle is thus the result of a creative and executional partnership. Very interesting indeed!
Grand opening on Saturday, July 4 at 7 pm.

4 x 5 project
An exhibition – performance that promises to be the real challenge of this festival. Italian fashion designers have been invited to Deruta to “think pottery”, that is to follow their instinct and creative impulse and design a fashion object to be made by experienced potters in Deruta. Out of clay of course…

Why 4 x 5? Because four are nature’s AND pottery basic elements and 5 are the senses that will be involved in creating ceramic fashion objects.

Sight is the sense tickled by the beautiful colors and patterns used over the century by Deruta potters. An endless source of inspiration for jewelry, textile or fashion accessorize designers

New textures and shapes will be used for ceramic tiles, panels and clay pieces. Touch them!

Food has a better taste if appropriately served. And Deruta dinnerware is famous all over the world. Innovation and Design is ON! Why not?

Smell. How can you smell pottery? You actually can, if it contains a precious fragrance. A partnership with Grasse will bring new ideas to creating design bottles.

Hearing. A sound designer will create the perfect soundtrack for the enjoyment of this exhibition.

The exhibition-performance will be open until the end of August.

Friday June 26, 6 pm – Grand opening Romano Ranieri’s urban installation at Deruta South

Saturday June 27, 8.30 pm – Comics Impromptu: Italian Comics Designers of Comics paint on ceramics in Piazza dei Consoli

Sunday June 28, 10 am – Grand opening of the Urban Ceramic Design project sponsored by Deruta Municipality and presentation of the Murales Ceramics project at the Museum of Ceramics

Sunday June 28, 6 pm – Body Art show in Piazza dei Consoli

Sunday July 5, 5 pm – Art Barrel Award – Presentation of barrels made by Deruta potters and Sagrantino wine tasting in Piazza dei Consoli

Saturday July 11, 5 pm – Wheel throwing challenge

Sunday July 12, 8.30 pm – Artists and potterns painting under the stars.

Live concerts every night: jazz, classical concerts, Italian singers, swing, shows

In September the festival will concentrate on antique pottery with a Fair of Italian antique majolica and a public auction to be held on Sept. 20. A more detailed program will be published soon.
The Magic of Ceramic Art – Deruta
Tel: 199.151.123 (from Italy) from 10.00 to 18.00

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