Riccardo Biavati – Art in the Garden 2009

Until October 30, 2009
Elba Island – Italy

Italian Ceramics - Horse with knight by Riccardo Biavati - Photo credits: Gulliver Art Gallery - Isola d'ElbaThe solo exhibition of Riccardo Biavati’s works will celebrate the 5th edition of Art in the Garden, a very original art event, indeed.

Biavati is one of the most poetic of Italian ceramic artists and the Elba Island is an ideal setting for his works. The natural and historical elements which are profusely to be found all over the island, the local tales and unique traditions are Biavati’s source of inspiration. His sculptures take from them their archaic symbols and speak the simple language of folks’ poems.

Riccardo Biavati was born in Ferrara, where he still lives. He is most interested in nature and its amazing creatures. Through his talented hands, they become part of our lives in the shape of stylized, delicate figures. Their bodily presence fills the space around us, making it impossible to escape the positive influence of their spiritual essence.

The credit for this idea and the organization of this event must be given to the owners of the Gulliver Gallery and the owners of the Osmunde Botanical Gardens of the Hotel Cernia, a most fit environment for an artist who owes so much to nature.

Art in the Garden 2009
Osmunde Garden, Hotel Cernia
Sant’Andrea . Isola d’Elba
Info: Hotel Cernia 0039 0565 908210 info@hotelcernia.it
Galleria Gulliver, Marciana Marina, 0039 0565 99113 gulliver@gulliverarte.com

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