Giuliano Giganti – To Rebuild a Man

October 2-23, 2011
Gubbio, Italy

Giuliano Giganti is one of those artists who have a clear perception of the perpetual changes occurring around them and their impact on our fragility.

The man he describes in his work is weak and confused, his values shattered. He has lost his balance. There is no way back. A new system of values, new ideals are necessary. Giuliani discreetly suggests to follow the path of simplicity, of nature: a well plowed soil and fertile seeds are the humble yet essential ingredients for a healthy crop.

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A bull signed Ajo’. What an amazing coincidence!

A couple of weeks ago we published an article about Aldo Ajo’, a most distinguished Italian ceramic artist from Gubbio. Soon after a lady from the US got in touch with us to ask if we could provide her with some info on a beautiful ceramic work she owns, that is actually signed Ajò – Gubbio.

Now, we do not usually encourage appraisal or pottery identification inquiries, because we are not professionally prepared for the job. However we were intrigued by the lucky chance and we decided to ask Prof. Ettore Sannipoli, an experienced art critic and connoisseur of Ajo’s works, if he could have a look at the pictures of this amazing art work.

Prof. Sannipoli confirmed that the bull – that’s what we are talking about, a most beautiful bull! – is authentic: it was made from a mold or a model, perhaps in the Thirties.

Actually, dating the piece without having seen the item in person is quite challenging. Although Prof. Sannipoli has evidence that Ajo’ made some similarly shaped works at the beginning of the Thirties, it’s hard to determine without a close examination whether the bull is actually from that decade or if it was made later in time. Still the piece remains a most valuable collector’s prize.

One more coincidence: the bull was bought not far from Jessup, Pennsylvania, a “sister city” to Gubbio!

Thanks to our reader and privileged owner of Ajo’s bull and to Prof. Sannipoli for his time and kindness.

Lumen et Splendor

Sept. 4 – 26, 2010
Gubbio – Italy

Italian Ceramics - Lumen et Splendor exhibition in Gubbio (Umbria)

The exhibition opening today in Gubbio will feature the work by Umbrian ceramic artists Lucia Angeloni (Gubbio) and Maurizio Tittarelli Rubboli (Gualdo Tadino).

Their pieces have been conceived as part of a large installation. Tin glazed pottery and luster glazed majolica will play with lights to show all their magic.

The two ceramic artists have very different styles but they share a fine craftsmanship and a distinctive use of the third firing. For this exhibition they will test their limits and experiment with new techniques, in the attempt to inject innovation into ceramic art and stimulate  their fellow artists from Umbria to do the same, thus honouring the splendid tradition of this Italian region.

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Lucia Angeloni – Stitching Past and Present

Italian Ceramics - Mediterraneità by Lucia AngeloniLast year strolling in the main street in Gubbio, Manuela and I were attracted by some contemporary ceramic works on display in the window of a gallery. We visited the gallery and asked some info about one of the artists, named Lucia Angeloni.

Actually, the name rang a bell, as well as the style. We gave the matter some thought and we remembered that a few years before Giampietro Rampini had shown us a very interesting Brocca dei Ceri made by Lucia. He had told us: “If you’re looking for some good ceramic art you girls  should meet her because she definitely is one of the best artists I know of and I can introduce you to her”. At the time we were still working hard on setting up and we did not have any time for our personal collection.

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