Giuliano Giganti – To Rebuild a Man

October 2-23, 2011
Gubbio, Italy

Giuliano Giganti is one of those artists who have a clear perception of the perpetual changes occurring around them and their impact on our fragility.

The man he describes in his work is weak and confused, his values shattered. He has lost his balance. There is no way back. A new system of values, new ideals are necessary. Giuliani discreetly suggests to follow the path of simplicity, of nature: a well plowed soil and fertile seeds are the humble yet essential ingredients for a healthy crop.

His earthenware pieces are (meta)physical containers of ideals, principles and messages that the artist wishes to save for the future.

Giuliani is fond of geometry. Combining lines and shapes in multiple ways, the artist paints his man, a strong man, and surrounds him with natural elements and daily objects, each a symbolic fragment of his complex philosophy.

Primary colors, black and white vividly highlight his truth, both in his traditionally shaped engobed ceramics and in his raku pieces, where the surfaces are engraved and manipulated to become sculptures.

Breaking up in order to rebuilt: some works are presented in pieces, clods of clay to form a field or fragments of feeling to form a man.

Giuliano Giganti – Per ricomporre l’uomo
Galleria Della Porta
Corso Garibaldi 33, Gubbio
Ph: +39 075 9220693