Lucia Angeloni – Stitching Past and Present

Italian Ceramics - Mediterraneità by Lucia AngeloniLast year strolling in the main street in Gubbio, Manuela and I were attracted by some contemporary ceramic works on display in the window of a gallery. We visited the gallery and asked some info about one of the artists, named Lucia Angeloni.

Actually, the name rang a bell, as well as the style. We gave the matter some thought and we remembered that a few years before Giampietro Rampini had shown us a very interesting Brocca dei Ceri made by Lucia. He had told us: “If you’re looking for some good ceramic art you girls  should meet her because she definitely is one of the best artists I know of and I can introduce you to her”. At the time we were still working hard on setting up and we did not have any time for our personal collection.

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