Lumen et Splendor

Sept. 4 – 26, 2010
Gubbio – Italy

Italian Ceramics - Lumen et Splendor exhibition in Gubbio (Umbria)

The exhibition opening today in Gubbio will feature the work by Umbrian ceramic artists Lucia Angeloni (Gubbio) and Maurizio Tittarelli Rubboli (Gualdo Tadino).

Their pieces have been conceived as part of a large installation. Tin glazed pottery and luster glazed majolica will play with lights to show all their magic.

The two ceramic artists have very different styles but they share a fine craftsmanship and a distinctive use of the third firing. For this exhibition they will test their limits and experiment with new techniques, in the attempt to inject innovation into ceramic art and stimulate  their fellow artists from Umbria to do the same, thus honouring the splendid tradition of this Italian region.

Maurizio Tittarelli Bubboli earned a reputation for his lustre bowls. Born in a family of artists, his great grandson being the famous Paolo Rubboli, he owns old “muffole”,  hand build kilns, that he uses to wood fire his pieces following an old and traditional procedure developed by his ancestors. Despite the process, the result has nothing to do with traditional lusterware. His bowls are a miracle of light and a tribute to innovation.

Lucia Angeloni explores the roots of Umbrian culture and manipulate their symbols, giving them a new life. Her technical accuracy is always combined with a deep emotional content.

The exhibition catalogue was developed by Marinella Caputo and Ettore A. Sannipoli, with an introduction by Cesare Coppari.

Galleria della Porta
Corso Garibaldi, Gubbio
Hours: Tue-Sun 10 am to 1 pm – 4 pm to 7:30 pm