Michela Minotti – Beyond. Ceramic Sculptures.

November 6 – 14, 2010
Tuscania, Italy

Italian Ceramics - Artworks by Michela MinottiI read about this exhibition on the Internet and I decided to go, regardless of my knowing nothing about the artist. A ceramic art exhibition near Viterbo, the place where I currently live, is a seldom occurrence. Plus, Tuscania is a charming destination.

I drove there with a sense of excitement because I had absolutely no idea of what I was about to see. I cherish the lack of expectations. It’s a blessed state of mind.

The exhibition was in a beautiful spot: a handsomely shaped, ancient warehouse, encased into the city walls. I watched a short video, featuring the artist, Michela Minotti, using the Raku technique to fire her pieces. Then I had a close look at her pieces. Finally I met her.

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Giuliana Cusino – Fairies

Until November, 2010
Avigliana – Italy

Italian Ceramics - Storie della mela - "Perché la mela proibita?" - 2010 - cm 50x70 - Photo credits: Giuliana CusinoGiuliana Cusino’s works have been often described as ceramic drawings, both for the technique she uses – she makes almost bi-dimensional raku figures and applies them on wooden panels – and for her naïve style.

A new talent in Italian ceramics, the artist has been working for a long time as a writer and illustrator of children’s books, a job and a passion that has strongly enhanced her gift for impactful and natural communication, only apparently unsophisticated.

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Casteldurante Pottery – Summer Classes

Italian Ceramics - Bucchero vase by Orazio Bindelli - Photo Credits: www.culturaceramica.itThis year the Ceramic Art Classes in Urbania are particularly good, thanks to the variety of interesting subjects and the potters and artists who will share their experiences with the attendees.

The Summer Programs are organized by the coop Casteldurante Cultura Ceramica, with the help of the Associazione Amici della Ceramica di Urbania.
Focusing on pottery as a form of visual art, the classes will cover a number of topics, from the bucchero technique to raku, from basic pottery making to elaborate drawing techniques.

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Traditions and Contaminations: Pottery Workshop in Urbania

Palazzo Ducale, Urbania

“Traditions and contaminations”Italian Ceramics - Urbania: Traditions and Contaminations is a multi sensory event that will combine the Art of Pottery Making, Food and Music in Urbania.

Better known among Italian pottery lovers as Casteldurante, the town was one of the most important production areas of the “istoriato” ceramics during the Renaissance, together with Gubbio, Pesaro and Urbino. The majolicas made in Casteldurante in the 16th century still are among the most treasured preys to pottery collectors’ and museums’.

The event challenges the technical and aesthetic tradition of the local potters and mix and matches it with creative stimuli originating from Japanese pottery techniques, food tasting and good music.

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