Traditions and Contaminations: Pottery Workshop in Urbania

Palazzo Ducale, Urbania

“Traditions and contaminations”Italian Ceramics - Urbania: Traditions and Contaminations is a multi sensory event that will combine the Art of Pottery Making, Food and Music in Urbania.

Better known among Italian pottery lovers as Casteldurante, the town was one of the most important production areas of the “istoriato” ceramics during the Renaissance, together with Gubbio, Pesaro and Urbino. The majolicas made in Casteldurante in the 16th century still are among the most treasured preys to pottery collectors’ and museums’.

The event challenges the technical and aesthetic tradition of the local potters and mix and matches it with creative stimuli originating from Japanese pottery techniques, food tasting and good music.

The program includes two workshops:

1. The Renaissance Patterns Workshop (January 2-5, 2009) will provide the participants with the opportunity to explore the Renaissance ornamental motifs of Casteldurante and to paint on majolica under the guidance of the potters Giuliano Smacchia and Gilberto Galavotti

2. From the Japanese Tradition (January 8-11, 2009) is an experimental workshop held by the artists Orazio Bindelli, Marcello Pucci e Laura Scopa who will explain how the Raku technique is interpreted (and misinterpreted) in the Western world.

The “contamination” of the pottery art will be granted by a number of very stimulating events.
Here is the program:

January 4th

  • Renaissance Food inspired by the book “Opera. Dell’arte del cucinare” (About the art of cooking), written by Bartolomeo Scappi in 1598.
  • Ensamble Laus Veris Concert
  • January 9th

  • The Japanese Tea Ceremony
  • Death of a Tea Master: a Japanese movie directed by Kei Kumai (Silver Lion at the 1989 Venice Film Festival)
  • Ikebana made by the flower artist Simona Cignali
  • January 10th

  • Traditional Dinner
  • Concert with Soprano Reiko Higa and Pianist Yasue Hokimoto
  • Cosmos in the hand – a video on the raku pottery by Kichizaemon XV Raku
  • Ikebana made by the flower artist Simona Cignali
  • Traditions and Contaminations
    Palazzo Ducale and Sala Volponi
    Info: 0039 0722317644

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    1. hello tiziana and manuela

      i cant believe my eyes . . . . .

      from what i understand is that you – within the pottery workshop in urbania – you showed – presented on the 9th of janary 2009 the film sen no rikyuu” – death of a teamaster”. does this film have englisch subtitles? and if so – would you be so kind to contact me under my email adress because i have a question that is not appropriate if i ask it “in public”.

      kind regards dennis

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