Just added! Eugenio’s geometric tiles

I do hope we are not getting boring, despite our third post in a row about Italian tiles. The truth is that we never seem to get enough of them and the enthusiasm of our Customers about their unique interior design projects is so contagious!

So we have convinced Eugenio Ricciarelli, a dear friend and the very first pottery maker we added to our Italian pottery website,  to paint for us a small collection of tiles, richly decorated, colorful and vibrant with energy.

Eugenio Ricciarelli - hand painted Italian tiles

We have imagined them on a tabletop, inlaid into wood or wrought iron, on the floor as an inlaid tile rug, on a backsplash mixed with solid tiles, as a wall panel over a bath tub … endless decorating solutions for one of most genuine products of Italian arts and crafts.

Italian tiles to love

Francesca Niccacci is an Italian ceramic painter from Deruta, winner of International prizes.

She is a great interpreter of historical and mythological scenes, featured in Museums and Churches around the world. Yet she loves the geometric designs that are so much “Deruta”. Francesca plays with them, taking them to a personal next step and applying them to wall plates and tiles.

We particularly like her tiles, so intricate and rich. She paints them in different designs and patterns, that are often a great inspiration for interior designers to create unique backsplashes or tiled surfaces.

By Tiziana ManzettiHand Painted Italian Tile 04 by Francesca Niccacci