Italian pottery designs from the Middle Ages

Back to the Middle Ages, animal designs were very popular on Italian pottery. This tile, part of a large collection of Medieval tiles, is hand painted in Sicily by Giacomo Alessi.
The copper oxide is the predominant glaze here as it was at the end of the first millennium.

Italian hand painted tile from Alessi's Medieval collection



2 thoughts on “Italian pottery designs from the Middle Ages

  1. I have a small vase ceramic with a small rearing white horse design. The base reads made in Italy 131 B. I can send a picture. I wonder if you are able to give me any more information about it’. I am guessing it is early 1960s as it was given to my husband by his Grandmother. I would really appreciate if you are able to be able to advise me on getting some more information on its provenance.


    Joanna Hodge

  2. I have an Italian vase that looks to be 1500. Would like some one to look at it. Color are beautiful.

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