Franco Meneguzzo – Unique vs series artworks 1951- 1962

Until May 12, 2012
Turin, Italy

Italian Ceramics - The gauntlet and the challenge, 1959Twenty ceramic works by a major Italian ceramic artist and a subject that became a very hot in the Sixties and still is: art and design, unique artwork and serial production.

Franco Meneguzzo stated his point thru his work. He challenged traditional boundaries between art and design and opened to a limited edition of some of his works. A strong believer of the value of craftsmanship and “ownership” he personally followed all the production steps of his pieces, making sure that the end result was in no way different from his project.

Terre d’Arte Gallery hosts a prominent selection of Meneguzzo’s works between 1951 and 1962. A great opportunity to see side by side unique and limited edition pieces and … try to spot the difference.

Franco Meneguzzo – L’unico e la Serie, Ceramiche 1951- 1962
Galleria Terre d’Arte
Via Maria Vittoria 20/A, Torino
Ph: +39 011 19503453

Torino 2011 – Risorgimento and Italian art ceramics

I’ve just come back from a week in Turin. I immensely enjoyed the city. It’s lively, friendly, easy going and there is so much happening. Apparently the city administration decided to step change the image of Turin when the place hosted the Winter Olympics in 2006 and has never stopped investing in culture and quality events. Even more so this year, 2011, the year of Italy’s 150th anniversary.

Italian flags were waving from all the balconies, softening the severe look of Turin’s ancient building and giving to the whole place a festive look. Each museum and city attraction had organized its own special event to celebrate the Risorgimento, the political and military movement that led to the unification of Italy, and the city key role in its success.

To make the most out of my days in Turin I had a carefully planned out schedule, a balanced mix of art, sightseeing and good food (of course!). And when it comes to art, ceramics are always on top of my mind! Here you go: a short but juicy report of Italian pottery in Turin 2011.

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Emilio Scanavino – The Vocation for Plastic Art

Feb. 17 – Mar. 26, 2011
Turin, Italy

Mostly renowned as a informal-abstractist painter, Emilio Scanavino (1922-1986) considered his first steps in ceramic sculpture of the utmost importance for his artistic development.

He started working with clay in the early Fifties, in Tullio Mazzotti’s studio in Albissola Marina. Fascinated with the possibilities that a third dimension offered him, he experimented with clay, then with bronze, both materials that permanently entered his artistic repertoire.

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