Franco Meneguzzo – Unique vs series artworks 1951- 1962

Until May 12, 2012
Turin, Italy

Italian Ceramics - The gauntlet and the challenge, 1959Twenty ceramic works by a major Italian ceramic artist and a subject that became a very hot in the Sixties and still is: art and design, unique artwork and serial production.

Franco Meneguzzo stated his point thru his work. He challenged traditional boundaries between art and design and opened to a limited edition of some of his works. A strong believer of the value of craftsmanship and “ownership” he personally followed all the production steps of his pieces, making sure that the end result was in no way different from his project.

Terre d’Arte Gallery hosts a prominent selection of Meneguzzo’s works between 1951 and 1962. A great opportunity to see side by side unique and limited edition pieces and … try to spot the difference.

Franco Meneguzzo – L’unico e la Serie, Ceramiche 1951- 1962
Galleria Terre d’Arte
Via Maria Vittoria 20/A, Torino
Ph: +39 011 19503453