First Biennial of Contemporary Ceramic Art

Until June 24, 2012
Frascati – Italy

The exhibition, the first of many to come I’m sure, is hosted in the former stables of Villa Aldobrandini in Frascati. Recently  transformed into a museum, the16th century building is just perfect to display contemporary ceramic art.

I visited it last Sunday and although my expectations were very high because I already knew the work of some of the artists, at least thru some pictures, I still was surprised to find how good, meaningful and diverse the exhibition is and how it succeeds in capturing the current trends of Italian ceramic art.

I was happy to meet Jasmine Pignatelli, whose giant sized seeds and roots – thriving elements of a vital and raped world – I had always admired but never quite understood from the cold screen of my computer.

The 13 artists who contributed to this wonderful initiative are Silvia Calcagno, Elettra Cipriani, Guido De Zan, Fabrizio Dusi, Marino Ficola, Antonio Grieco, Annalisa Guerri, Massimo Luccioli, Rita Miranda, Riccardo Monachesi, Simone Negri, Jasmine Pignatelli and Sprout.

I took pictures of some of the works I’d like to share with you. They are not representative of the whole content of the exhibition – I’m forced to admit that my poor technical skills could not effectively deal with the challenges of the strong afternoon light that flooded the room.  Not a big deal though because you’ll be forced to go and see by yourself!

Jasmine Pignatelli - Seeds

Guido De Zan - Vase with Vase 2011

Rita Miranda - Seeds, Sea urchin, Nativity and Madrepore 2011/2012

Simone Negri - Keeping over time 2012 and Suspended 2008

Marino Ficola - Impregnable fortress 2012

Antonio Grieco - Primary shapes 2012

Riccardo Monachesi - Cubes 2003-2012

Riccardo Monachesi - White pneuma 2010, Blue pneuma 2012

Fabrizio Dusi - Words in the wind 2012



2 thoughts on “First Biennial of Contemporary Ceramic Art

  1. It is a beautiful, interesting and inspiring exhibition. I would love to come and see all the artwork live. Unfortunately I am a bit too far away, near Vienna, to just pop over. I am also a ceramic artist and I would love to meet all the artists . Thank you for you love for ceramic and this wonderful blog about Italian ceramics.
    Many greetings Brigitte Saugstad

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