Women artists and their work about women

Until March 24, 2013
Tuscania – Italy

Last Saturday I went to visit an interesting exhibition in Tuscania. It has been organized by one of my favorite ceramic artists – Mirna Manni – and it’s about WOMEN.

The exhibition features the work of nine artists who have shown thru their works who many different meanings and shades can be used to depict the female universe.

Every artist has contributed with her own expressive medium. Ceramic sculptures and installations, digital photography, mixed media, paintings …

The outcome is the image of a woman who suffers, struggles, wait, plays, defies the rules yet preserves her intimate, powerful femininity. I enjoyed every work – especially ceramics, my favorite.

I wish to thank Mirna for acting as a guide. She made me feel priviledged.

Magazzini della Lupa
Via della Lupa 10 – Tuscania

Alexia Manzoni Porath 1

Mirna Manni

Alexia Manzoni Porath

Leena Knuuttila

Patrizia Presutti - Visioni romantiche 1

Foto credits: Magazzini della Lupa

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