Gian Genta – Ou allez-vous, la belle?

Until Sept. 5th, 2011
Sanremo, Italy

Forty pieces made in the last five years to represent the true engine of our being: women. Essential, elegantly decorated, charmingly archaic women.

Creatively exuberant, expressionist, primitive and, more than everything else, deeply truthful,
Gian Genta is a self made artist who has always, stubbornly, refused academic principles, managing to be faithful only to his own inspiration.

During the Sixties and the Seventies he was part of the prominent group of Italian artists who met in Albisola. Particularly attracted by the works of Sassu, Fabbri e Fontana, he made friends also with Lam, Jorn, Rossello, Salino, Siri, Sabatelli, Bonelli.

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Gubbio – Brocche d’Autore 2011

May 12 – June 2, 2011
Gubbio, Italy

Every year, on May 15th, Gubbio honors its Patron Saint, Sant’Ubaldo, with the spectacular “Corsa dei Ceri” or Race of the Saints.

Since 2002, the city celebrates the event with the exhibition “Brocche d’Autore”, that highlights the strong relationship existing among the Race of the Saints with its traditional ceramic pitchers called Brocche dei Ceri, Gubbio pottery and contemporary ceramic art.

This is how it works: every year the Cultural Association “Maggio Eugubino” selects three artists, one of them from Gubbio, and invites them to create their Brocche. The artists, informed about the traditional function and symbolic value of the artifacts, are free to re-interpret them. Their Brocche are displayed during the celebrations for Sant’Ubaldo.

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