Pino Deodato – The Circus of Art

Jan. 15 – Feb. 18, 2011
Lucca – Italy

Pino Deodato work very much reflects his life: simple yet not simplistic, intimate and rich of positive values. It’s an art made of balance and a healthy sense of measure, on the pursuit of truths and meanings that mankind seems to have lost.

This specific project starts from a naked clown, looking at life with the playful eyes of a child.
He embodies Art, that does not need any ornaments (clothes) for its creative effort.

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Castellamonte Ceramic Festival No 48

Sept. 5 – Oct 5, 2008
Castellamonte – Italy

Welcome to the presentation of a highly fueled edition of Castellamonte Festival of Ceramics #48, a must for the lovers of Italian ceramics!

Castellamonte Ceramic Festival © Vittorio Amedeo Sacco con permessoThe event, organized by Vittorio Amedeo Sacco, will include an amazing number of exhibitions: more than 1000 art works by renowned Italian and International ceramic artists will be featured in the streets and historical buildings of this charming town, not far from Turin (Piemonte).

Before going through the rich Festival official program, let’s briefly have a look at the history of Castellamonte, where pottery making has been one of the most important resources for 6000 years.

In the past Castellamonte residents were simply called “pignaté” (pottery makers) by their neighbors since most of the functional pottery used in the region was made here. Continue reading