Castellamonte Ceramic Festival No 48

Sept. 5 – Oct 5, 2008
Castellamonte – Italy

Welcome to the presentation of a highly fueled edition of Castellamonte Festival of Ceramics #48, a must for the lovers of Italian ceramics!

Castellamonte Ceramic Festival © Vittorio Amedeo Sacco con permessoThe event, organized by Vittorio Amedeo Sacco, will include an amazing number of exhibitions: more than 1000 art works by renowned Italian and International ceramic artists will be featured in the streets and historical buildings of this charming town, not far from Turin (Piemonte).

Before going through the rich Festival official program, let’s briefly have a look at the history of Castellamonte, where pottery making has been one of the most important resources for 6000 years.

In the past Castellamonte residents were simply called “pignaté” (pottery makers) by their neighbors since most of the functional pottery used in the region was made here.

The pottery business expanded outside the region during the 19th century, thanks to the quality, the creativity and the large variety of the products, which ranged from dinnerware to statues, from door frames to stoves and industrial components.

After a period of decline, the pottery business was relaunched in 1960, when the Festival of Ceramics was first organized and the Art School was founded.

Today the stoves are the symbol of Castellamonte pottery production: charming architectural accents with the priceless virtue of matching function and aesthetics.

In the shadows of the old kiln chimneys the Festival will start this year with the official presentation of the Monument to the Stove, made by Ugo Nespolo.

Nespolo, one of the most celebrated contemporary sculptors and painters in Italy, and his Monument are the living manifesto of the Festival, which is definitely the place where Art, Design, Applied Arts and Crafts meet and accept the challenge of turning Castellamonte red clay into an artwork.

Work by Silvio Vigliaturo © Vittorio Amedeo Sacco con permessoBehind the Festival many exhibitions and the over 1,000 works on display in Castellamonte is a common subject, which inspired all the artists, no matter what their age or cultural background is: the ceramic object and its relationship with Art and Experience.

The purpose behind every work is to make people more conscious of their experience with functional items and the space around them.

Here is a list of the key events.

Nespolo’s Stove
The monumental ceramic work will be permanently exhibited in Piazza della Repubblica after its public presentation on Sept. 5.

Laboratory without Secrets
Palazzo Botton
A beautiful setting for the solo exhibition of Ugo Nespolo, meant to highlight the artist’s talent and versatility. The shapes and colors of his “common and functional” items will not fail to arise curiosity and amusement.

Museum of Ceramics
Palazzo Botton
A permanent exhibition of the most talented Italian Artists and their ceramic works. Among them Renzo Igne, Arnaldo Pomodoro and Carlo Zauli.

Other Places
Sala delle Arti
Silvio Vigliaturo’s solo exhibition of large works – up to 2.5 meters.

My Red burns
Gymnasium – 1st floor
Ambrogio Pozzi, international designer, will feature the objects which stand as symbols of the 20th century.

The Meaning of Design
Gymnasium – 2nd floor
A selection of works by renowned designers and architects who have chosen clay to express their artistic vision: Sergio Asti, Emmanuel Babled, Carlo Bonomi, Andrea Branzi, Antonia Campi, Gianni Cella, Matteo Cibic, Joe Colombo, Angelo Mangiarotti, Alessandro Mendini, Pixel Pancho, Gio Ponti, Stefania Ricci, Ettore Sottsass, Andrea Visconti.

A Place Elsewhere
Rotonda Antonelliana
Large sized ceramic works by the most representative artists of the 20th century: Lee Babel, Pino Castagna, Elisa Confortini, Nando Crippa, Alessandro Mendini, Carlo Pizzichini, Gabriella Sacchi, Michelangelo Tallone, Alessio Tasca, Nino Ventura, Silvio Vigliaturo.

Ceramics in Art
Contemporary artists will feature their ceramic works: Giovanni Bonardi, Bruno Gambone, Riccardo Licata, Gay Harlot , Umberto Mastroianni, Morishita Keizo, Ibrahim Kodra, Giuseppe Rossicone, Saverio Terruso, Ernesto Treccani.

Stories of Clay
Art School
The history of Castellamonte ceramics will be on display here: from the Roman Age to the first stoves made in the 18th century. The exhibition will include a section with the works made by local ceramicist.

Stories of Design
Art School
The crucial relationship between education and design: famous artists and contemporary industries working together.

Antique Ceramics of Castellamonte
Museum-House Allaira
A old, magnificent house dating back to the 16th century in the heart of the historical district of Castellamonte. It houses an important collection of antique pottery.

The Kiln
Ceramic Centre
The Association of Castellamonte Artists will exhibit a selection of design stove tiles.

Local Crafts
Studios and show rooms will be open to the Festival visitors.

Castellamonte Ceramic Festival – Piedmont, Italy
Tel: 0039 0124 5187216
Thursday and Fridays – 4 pm to 8 pm
Saturdays and Sundays – 10 am to 1 pm/3 pm to 8 pm
Free Entrance