Ceramic Art Exhibition & Workshop in Rome

Sept 5th – 21st, 2008
Palazzo Venezia, Rome

Palazzo Venezia in Nicola Boccini - Credits: CLS Rome is about to open its doors to a usual and exciting event: an exhibition of experimental ceramic art and a ceramic workshop open to pottery lovers experienced potters and absolute beginners.

The event will complement the Agostino Tassi exhibition, currently on in the same building.
Tassi (1578 1644) was a very talented Italian painter, whose reputation was equally influenced by the beauty of his landscapes and seascapes and the rape of Artemisia Gentileschi.

Close-ups of Tassi’s works will be the subject of the workshop on majolica painting held by the School of Ceramic Art Romano Ranieri from Deruta. The participants will discover the secrets that make Italian ceramics famous worldwide. For the workshop details, please read below.

The exhibition of experimental ceramic art will feature the works of David Roberts, Nino Caruso, Nicola Boccini, Marino Ficola, Malgosia Turlo, Giuseppe Agamennone and Pierluigi Pompei, a group of artists belonging to the CLS – Ceramica Libera Sperimentale (Free Experimental Ceramics).CLS was founded in 1997 by an international group of artists, united by the common belief that contemporary ceramic work is the result of a free and creative elaboration of innovative technologies which, however, cannot but result from a deep knowledge of traditional techniques.

Although each artist is completely free to follow his or her pathway to Art. Indeed their works are very heterogeneous in terms of materials, techniques, shapes and sizes. One cannot help noticing, however, that they are all united by the same freedom of vision and by the joy of experimentalism.

Here are some details on the three-hour workshop, open to anyone who loves Italian pottery.

Pierluigi Pompei - Credits: CLSThe participants will be provided with all the necessary material for the course, including glazed support – a 20 x 30cm tile – and a “spolvero” of one of Tassi’s paintings to be chosen between a landscape, an architectonic subject or a figurative subject.

The School of Ceramic Art Romano Ranieri will give the participants all the necessary support to execute their majolica paintings. After the working session, the tiles will be fired and exhibited together with the ones executed by Maestro Romani Ranieri. At the end of the exhibition, the participants will be given their “masterpiece” back.

Workshop Info:
– the workshop will be held from Sept 8th to Sept. 21st, from 9.00 to 12.00 am and from 3.00 to 6.00 pm.
– it’s possible to register for more than one session.
– the participation fee is 30 euro per session
– to register please send an email to segreteria@progettoiride.it (Cc palazzovenezia@ceramicalibera.com) mentioning your name, surname, day and time you wish to participate and telephone number.

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  1. when will another one be run?? Will there be a workshop like this run in 2009??

  2. i would like to join your workshop as a partecipant…
    when will be the next workshop for this year?

  3. We will be in Rome June 13 and would like to know about any ceramic exhibits or workshops at that time Thanks

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