Pino Deodato – The Circus of Art

Jan. 15 – Feb. 18, 2011
Lucca – Italy

Pino Deodato work very much reflects his life: simple yet not simplistic, intimate and rich of positive values. It’s an art made of balance and a healthy sense of measure, on the pursuit of truths and meanings that mankind seems to have lost.

This specific project starts from a naked clown, looking at life with the playful eyes of a child.
He embodies Art, that does not need any ornaments (clothes) for its creative effort.

Paintings and sculptures depict an imaginary world, each medium having a specific role. The sculptures breath life into a large number of characters, busy in their line of work or acting in such a way to become symbols of a specific quality or value. The paintings supply the metaphorical backgrounds of contemporary life. The artist seems to be torn between the warmth and protection of familiar landscapes and the need to escape into the realm of dream.

The works are displayed in two different locations, the Poleschi Gallery and the Saint Matthew Church. There is no pre-determined way to visit the exhibition. The visitor can choose where to start and finish and possibly go back and forth, capturing each time different details, analyzing metaphors from different points of view … net, stepping into Pino Deodato’s magic world.

Pino Deodato was born in Nao (Vibo Valentia, Calabria) in 1950. The peacefulness of his childhood has always influenced his work. His simple and essential style enjoys the privilege of timelessness, equally at ease among antique and contemporary art languages. The artist lives and works in Milan.

Il Circo dell’Arte
Chiesa di San Matteo – Piazza San Matteo 3
Galleria Claudio Poleschi – via Santa Giustina 21
Ph. +39 0583 469490

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