Collecting Italian Art Ceramics: Ab Ovo Gallery

Ab Ovo is a small art gallery, hidden in a side alley in Todi, that is becoming increasingly popular among applied art collectors.

Its founder and owner, Leonardo Persico, and his partner, the acclaimed art jeweler Jacqueline Ryan, have been doing a great selection job over the last three years, presenting the works of Italian and European artists with a constant eye on quality.

Manuela and I met Leonardo in our first visit to the Gallery. We walked in by chance, attracted by a small signpost on the main street. He welcomed us, surrounded by amazing ceramics by Kati Junger and Christiane Wilhelm, cute textile accessories, hand made art jewels and one–of- a-kind furniture and objects of Peter Heidhoff.

A large number of works, artfully displayed in the small space available. In his quiet, almost understated way, he told us about the artists whose works he usually hosts. Ever since, we pay a visit when we can, and we never leave without having learnt something.

The Ab Ovo Gallery opened in June 2007. The project was simple, yet bold: creating a place to honor “things made by hand”, the magical and essential condition of every creative process. Hence the name “Ab Ovo”, a Latin motto meaning “from the very beginning, from the origins”.

The objective was to give a good home to applied arts, that are often considered secondary to fine arts in Italy. Very important artists from all over Europe and Italy have supported Leonardo and Jacqueline’s idea, accepting to display their works in the gallery. Unique artifacts where ancient techniques generate very modern shapes, where the details are never casual or accidental results, where everything is strictly hand made.

The time to start was certainly not a good pick, considering Italian and global financial difficulties. However Ab Ovo has managed to built a good reputation in a very short time, thanks to the quality of its artists and its great exhibitions.

Leonardo likes to point out that the rooms that now host the gallery, a few years ago hosted a bakery shop: from food for the body to food for the mind… The imagery of the egg fits perfectly in. Isn’t the egg “the” aboriginal food, too? Actually, more than that. It’s also the symbol of fertility and birth. And a simple, genial perfect shape, that accompanies mankind “ad ovo”.

Featured ceramic artists: Antonella Cimatti, Wanda Fiscina, Victor Greenaway, Dorothy Feibleman, Gabriele Hain, Kati Junger, Rebecca Mader, Rita Miranda, Luca Schiavon, Roland Summer, Christina Wiese.

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Ab Ovo Gallery
Via del Forno 4, Todi (Perugia)
Ph. 075 8945526

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  1. Interessante il vostro blog… che bella sintonia!

    Vi invito a visitare anche il mio… AbacadA – Ceramic Art & Travels (anche AbacadA FB Fan Page) oltre che – se vi capita – dare un’occhiata alla Rivista “La Ceramica in Italia e nel Mondo”, che a Roma troverete da Paolelli e presso la libreria Melbookstore, di via Nazionale.

    Conosco bene la galleria AB OVO a Todi, ha sempre proposte molto interessanti.

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