Hand Made Italian Ceramics: how to spot a fake

Italian ceramics - Raffaellesco tuscan pitcher by FIMA (Deruta)Before you close the deal of your life and pay an incredibly low price for what looks like a stunning piece of Deruta pottery, STOP and read these simple guidelines.

Stores are full of rubbish, believe me.
Lots of nice looking ceramic pieces which are machine stamped and sold as original hand made Italian Ceramics. Possibly from reputable regions, like Deruta.

Spotting a fake is possible and quite easy. Follow these simple steps.

1 – Turn the Italian ceramic piece you’re interested in upside down and make sure there is an unglazed area.

Italian ceramic bottom - visible unglazed areaThis area, usually a circle, shows the natural brownish orange color of the terracotta (bisque). The bisque is sometimes made of white grayish clay, often used for small pieces, but it’s still clearly visible.

Now you’ll be wondering why this detail is so important.
Let me remind you how the humble terracotta changes into a priceless Italian ceramic. Before the actual hand painting the artisan dips the terracotta deeply into a sieve containing fast drying liquid glaze. This fine powder will prevent the colours
from spreading and blurring into each other during the painting and will bond with the subsequent coloured glazes during the final firing.

The glaze however gets quite sticky during the firing. That is why the clever artist makes sure that his or her fine Italian ceramic pieces are not in touch during the firing and carefully removes the glaze from their base.
The damage would be otherwise irreversible.

2 – Touch the unglazed area. It must be rough.
If it is white and smooth then its not an original Italian ceramic, made with traditional materials and techniques.
Sometimes it is still possible to detect the marks of the long pincer the artisans use to glaze their pottery: it’s two tiny dots usually positioned near the rim of the pieces.

3 – Brush strokes must be visible.
Italian ceramics are alwaysItalian wall plate - Julia Bella by Alvaro Binaglia (Deruta) hand painted and if you look at them closely you will be able to see the single stokes that contribute to the beauty and artistry of your piece.

You will never forget the emotion of a close look to a Renaissance portrait and will find it hard to believe that those colourful, lively characters are painted with no more than 4 or 5 colors.

Now you own the key tools to spot a fake.

If you are passionate about Italian ceramics, though, I have a suggestion for you which goes beyond technicalities.

My suggestion is: look at as many Italian ceramics as possible.

Browse Internet, read books, visit museums, go to exhibitions, visit the stores of your city and touch them. Your senses will grow accustomed to their patterns, their shapes, their look and feel. And in a few years your expertise will match your passion.

In the meantime if you wish to start your own collection of fine Italian ceramics, buy from a reputable dealer. Someone who is willing to tell you more about the piece than just its price, who is happy to spend some time to educate you, who knows the name of the artist and offers a clear return policy.

That is what we try to do at https://www.thatsarte.com, the web site I set up together with my best friend Manuela, also a lover of quality pottery.

About one year ago Manuela and I decided to step change our professional lives and turn our passion into a real work.
We spent quite a lot of time traveling around the best known Italian ceramic centers to choose the pieces of Dinnerware, Tableware and Decoration accents we most liked.

Tough life, you must think.

We collected more than 4,000 beautiful Italian ceramic pieces hand made by the most talented artists in Italy. Have a look at it. You’ll also find information on Italian ceramics history, tradition and making and a lot more. You will enjoy every minute of it. Click now https://www.thatsarte.com

102 thoughts on “Hand Made Italian Ceramics: how to spot a fake

  1. I have a plate marked CITAVECCHIA TC1876. Any ideas as to where this might orignate from? Many thanks. S

  2. We’d be happy to have a look at your Italian ceramic plate to find out more about that. Can you send us a picture of the plate (front and back)?

  3. As the author of the only books written in English on the subject of Italian pottery marks and identification I offer my heartfelt gratitude for a magnificent effort in helping to promote an interest in, and appreciation of, Italian ceramics and its rich history. Your website is rich in practical, useful information that is easy to navigate through and totally enjoyable to read. It has always been my hope that English-speaking collectors would one day have the information they needed to educate themselves about an arena largely unknown to them largely because of the lack of written material in their language. Your website will go a long way in promoting the appreciation of the art.
    If I may be of assistance to anyone seeking help in learning about a particular piece in their collection I do, in addition to my books. maintain a totally free forum that anyone can visit, ask questions or add comments.
    I wish you both the greatest of success.

  4. I wonder if you can tell me what manufactureres made the Italian terracotta figurines of the 1960’s which were covered in a white glaze. They are usually very well modeled. There is one for sale on the Trocadero website I found by googling “Italian terra cotta figure” listed at $1,200.00 (32″) but they do not name a manufacturer.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  5. I just found a vase in the classic Ricco style, but with swan handles. The bottom is labeled: Mari.e.c – Deruta Italy – 0902 or 0702. I’d love to send photo’s and get your opinion.


  6. hello! i just found a very elegant double vase with the marks M.S.P. surrounding a triangle and the words, HAND PAINTED IN ITALY. i read your advice on testing to see if this is a true piece of italian pottery and it passed the test. but now i am dying to know what M.S.P. and the triangle mean. can you help?
    with God’s amazing love,

  7. I have a set of I think 8 of these salad plates and one large dinner plate. It is stamped NOVE on the back MADE IN ITALY is stamped and 355 as well. What can you tell me bout the plates? I was given them from a friend who was going to toss them in the trash.

  8. Hi, I have just bought a large leopard, about 20″ long. The name on a paw seems to be Favaro Cecchelle, but I am guessing the last letter. There is also what looks like a long flower over the name. Any ideas? He is not new, the lady was left him by an uncle, but I have no idea of the age.

  9. I have a dish that on the back says ITALY 94-20FF. Do you have any idea what this might be? It is a glazed ceramic piece that looks to be a candy dish. I believe my aunt got it when she went to Italy.

  10. I need some help here. I inherited this from a dear friend whose family was from the East coast. This plate came from the estate of William Wooten (Wootin) who was a caretaker/groundskeeper of Franklin D. Rosevelt. Acquired in the 1930’s. I do believe it is an authentic Cantagalli plate and would like more information on it if available. Can you tell me the approximate age and any history that you might know as to the subject. It is very beautiful. What would be insurance/appraisal value on this plate? If you would be so kind to take a look at it and tell me what you think. I set this up for viewing at wwwamericana.com

  11. We have a few pieces that were handed down from our grandparents that we are wondering what they are worth/value. Could we send you pics to see if you are able to help? From your discription, we do think they are true antique pieces. Thanks so much!

  12. I have a footed bowl that is hand painted with 6 babies on the side and what lloks like Ram head baby face handles. it is marked on the bottom in hand written text “30 / 31 Italy”

    I would attache pics, but I dont know how on this blog.
    If anyone thinks they may know what, when, and where this comes from, please let me know. I will send pics too.


  13. I forgot to tell you where I found this footed bowl. I was 13 years old in 1978 and I found it in a dump. I kept it and it’s been with me ever since. Sometimes in the garage, and now in a china cabinet.
    Now I want to know where it comes from and how old it is.
    Thanks again.

  14. I have a vase given to me in 1960, and underneath in gold is “hand Painted” Iride Italiano
    I would like to know more about it. It is painted in Gold, green and black and terracotta stripes/

  15. I have a Baroque style decorative wall plate I can’t tell if it was made in Italy or not. On the back is says, handwritten in a gold-like metalic “enpodimonte 1366/126 Italy”. There is also a mark, but I can’t seems to tell, from all my research, which house the mark is attributed to. It’s a lower case “e” with a sort of crown over it.

  16. Hello,Ihave 3 pieces of porcelain purchased in Afghanistan(Kabul)2002 and wanted to know if there is anyone who has seen or heard of Royal lux with written under glaze>qualified hand painted Italian porcelain???


  17. I have a pottery lamp shapped like a sea horse in green and orangy yellow with a lantern in pottery and the same colors that hangs below it. It is marked on the inside of the lantern M.D.L. italy 902 and the back of the sea horse on the inside cavity is marked in the white glaze italy 941. This piece is as neat a piece of italian art pottery as I have ever seen and I would like to know who made this and when. I would like to send a few pictures as well.

  18. Hi Jason, can’t help you with info, only I have the same piece. It belonged to my grandparents, who were big travellers and bought it back from Italy. Don’t know when it dates back to but most of their collectables were from 30s through to 60s.

  19. I found a little dish at a thrift store………..it looks like a candy dish and on the back its written…74D-169 Italy then two F’s on top of each other.
    Is this a fake?Looks very old to me.

  20. hi ladies, love your website! i have an old handmade piece of italian pottery that i’ve been researching and can find no information about. its white, yellow, gold, green and blue designs that look like feathers with a flower in the middle, a very rough rustic humble piece about 8″ high with long handles on either side, and kind of shaped like an elongated chocolate kissee candy. it could be a vase. i found it in a thrift store almost 20 years ago. the bottom is white with the rough terra cotta ring, and has “made in italy” written in black by hand, with a handmade design above that that looks like it could be a leaf. carved into the bottom above that are the numbers 994 or 466, depending on how you turn the vase. does this ring any bells for you? thank you and keep up the wonderful passion.

  21. Jody, Starting around 1965 and continuing into the late 1970;s, my family received as a corporate gift each Christmas, a hand painted, numbered Mancioli plate.
    I have 14 of these and no two are the same. Do you have any idea of their value?>
    PS I can send photos if needed.

  22. I have a vase with painted roses, has a gold rim around the top.
    On the bottom it has G.G.& Co Inc. Italy under the word Italy it has
    a number 361 with a mark (-)under the 3. Is this a fake?

  23. Found an Old vase- looks ceramic. Has Markings 42/13 Minico Italy.
    Can send picture. What do markings mean?

  24. I have a small hand crafted ceramic dish with “italy tz” written on the bottom (I suppose it could be “italy t2”, but it looks like “tz”). I would love to find out who the artist is and see more of his/her work. Does anybody have any ideas?

  25. I have a plate that has on the back
    c.f.s.(I think)
    made in Italy
    Hand Painted
    It has peaches on a stem in the middle and a red circle around the inside of plate then spoke like design cut out all around the plate and curve border like a pie on the outside
    a very old lady said she got the plate in Italy in 1936
    could this be worth anything

  26. I have two candle stick holders –one blank on the bottom and the other with the M.SAMBUCO (and under that) DERUTA but the U looks like a V and the A looks like a H. They both have the raw pottery circle around the edge and the writing looks like it was done quickly—in capital letters-printed. The paint definitely looks hand painted. Any chance that it is real? I bought a spoon rest in a shop because it was beautiful,done in that style. When I arrived home , I realized that my 2nd hand candle holders were very similar but with the signature.I loved them for their style–could they be special in the value department as well???? thanks for your speedy reply,bonnie

  27. I have a piece of Mancilo pottery. The bottom says u 34 /c. There is a crown on the bottom also with a large M in the middle. The pottery is a ceramic xams gift box. The color is red/gerrn.

  28. Cleaning out my aunt’s house who resently passed away I found two vases that have ROBBIA GUALDO.T. ITALY on the bottom of them. Also, a large vase that has B.A.M.A Acquapendente 65 on the bottomw of that one. If I sent pictures would you be able to tell me if they are fake or not. Both my aunt and uncle immigrated to the US from Italy back in the early 1900’s. I would love to donate these items to the Salvation Army and surprise them with something worth some money for the good they bring to this country.

  29. I have come to possess 3 pieces of pottery I believe to be of some value. Can you help me Identify and value these pieces. I have good pictures I can email.

    Thanks Mark

  30. I have a ceramic serving platter, it is shaped like a turkey and is hand painted. It is approx. 15″ x 12″. On the back are the markings, MN Italy 27/B. Any idea as to when this would have been produced or by whom? Let me know if you would like to see some photos of the piece.

    Thanks Dave

  31. While cleaning out my In-laws house after they passed away, I have found many fine pieces of Italian Pottery. However most of them are marked with only the word Ital and a number. Whithout an artist’s backstamp these will obviously be very hard to identify. Any advice on where to start as I am finding Italian Ceramics is a very broad field. Thanks

  32. i have a dark green ceramic jug with a female figurine on the handle.
    underneath it says marco , it also looks like it says serone and it has a picture of a jug also.
    its been in our house for years and i wanted to find out what it was.

  33. I recently picked up a character mug from an estate sale. It is tamped made in Italy with the crown and N and an additional signiture (which I cannot read – but I think the initial for the first name may be an “E” and the last name appears to have about 5-7 characters.) There is also a wreath and shield stamp enclosed in a circle. Not sure who the character is supposed to be.

    Appears to be in excellent condition. No marks or cracks. No idea of the age or authenticity.

    Am I able to send you a photo?


  34. i have a green & tan pitcher with the marking 0219, italy, and a circle with p.v in the center on the bottom. can you provide any info on this or point me in a direction to look thanks

  35. I have a black 215mm high vase with a gold figure with umbrella and various marine creatures/boat decorations in simplistic style. The markings on the base is mari deruta italy 0664. Do you think it is of any value. Thank you

  36. i have a finger held figural dragon candle holder with the dragon holding on to a dish with his feet. marked italy, 630, and initials ISC written over the top of one another.the bottom is flat unglazed gray colored clay. height 8 1/2 inches. 7 1/4 inches width from finger hole, which is his tail to the front of the dish which is a shell. any info would be appreciated. thanks

  37. I have a piece of ceramics I just purchases beautiful piecw with a 3 dimentional rose bud with 2 leaves on top as the handle it has a pink interior and cream white exterior the signature on the bottom of the piece is a simple MM but the M’s are one on top of the other touching each other the top M is to the left a bit the bottom to the right.

    Do you know who the maker or year it could have ben made I can email you a photo if you need it.

    I appreciate anyone’s help with this peice

    Thank you


  39. The first number (113) usually is the unique code assigned by its maker to identify its pieces. The second number (60) has usually to do with the size in centimeters. However, each artist or company set their own rules, based on the characteristics of their production …

  40. I have a bowl and lid given to me by my Grandmother. It is signed on the bottom as follows;


    366/76 (the 7 is very hard to make out and may not be a 7)


    Have you heard of this artist?

    The bowl is beautifully embossed and hand painted. The lid has a Kneeling Cherub as a handle.

    Do you think it has any monetary value?

  41. I found some pottery that has the marks written 60/12 m. n. lo Italy and the t in Italy looks like an umbrella. Any idea as to when this would have been produced or by whom?

  42. I found a poodle with a planter and lamp all in one. This piece was found in an old car in the woods. It has flowers in the planter. On the bottom it reads G.C. 42/46 Then it reads Minico Italy. I’ve been trying to find out what it may be worth. Anyone know?

  43. I have a medium size bowl that looks like something you would put a plant in.The bowl is mark at the bottom with these markings.FAC 1 C.C. Italy. All the lettering is done with gold paint.The gold paint is also on the bowl itself.The scence on the bowl is a outdoor scene that has a house painted on it and the trees have gold leaves on them. Would you let me know if its really Italian pottery?

  44. I’ve been trying for over 10yrs now to figure out who/where these 2 plates I have are from. They are definitely terracotta plates, hand painted with a woman one one and a man on the other, wearing clothes from a period of a few hundred years agon…that’s a guess anyways. There is gold inlay all throughout the plate and on the rim. The intials on the front of the plate look like KB or maybe CB and they are part of a set I believe, due to whats on the back….the back says Italy, the B.7.

    I fell in love with these instantly and will never part with them, but would appreciate any help in learning more information about the plates and the artist.

    Thanks to all who can help!

  45. I have pictures of a large cup with handle and large saucer that I would like to send to you but I do not have an e-mail address to send it to you. Maybe you could give me an idea where or who made these. It has Italy on the back, which I will show you. I just wanted some information about this as I just inherited it and know nothing about its origin.
    Thank you,
    Lisa Faust

  46. We have a white picher type that may be a water pitcher, it has the number and letter v/l on it, it also says pauls products D.y.p. and under that it says este.underthe v/l it says made in Italy. Could you possibly tell us its value.? There is a gold sticker that says pauls products, est 1898 and in the middle of the sticker it says e.p.p.and cmpany new york and the stcker also says made in Italy The vase has roses and may be two sunflowers on it.

  47. We have a white picher type that may be a water pitcher, it has the number and letter v/l on it, it also says pauls products D.y.p. and under that it says este.underthe v/l it says made in Italy. Could you possibly tell us its value.? There is a gold sticker that says pauls products, est 1898 and in the middle of the sticker it says e.p.p.and company , new york The sticker says made in italy

  48. Hello, i have a blog Reading Italian Maps and I was wondering if it would be possible to reblog this post, with full credits, of course, and a link to your site. You have my e-mail, let me know if you’re interested.


  50. Hi,
    I have an elaborate vase with lid.It has a duck-like spout and snake-like handle.It is matt finish of light brown background with darker brown flutes.This background is covered with a blue/yellow flowers and green leaves.
    On the baseis a PH monogram,Deruta,457/30,DIPIMZOAMANO?
    The rim on the base is unglazed and dark brown but quite smooth
    Any ideas?
    John on the Wirral.

  51. I have a service for 6 of C.A.S. Vietri bird dishes with serving bowl,platter, sugar and creamer. These pieces have the number 690 hand written on the bottom. These were given to me in 1970. These pieces are orange with blue trim and a white bird in the middle.
    Are these are the REAL thing and approx what a service of this type would go for?

  52. I have a vase that I believe came with my grandma from Italy, the colors are bright flowers and look painted by hand. The bottom shows F.B.C. ITALY, then numbers, I think, h0-7577.But, the bottom has a chip and shows white chalking material, not terracota. I can not find anything on it, What do you think, thanks, K

  53. i have a pair of marble horse head bookends and wont to know how much there worth what website would i go to please

  54. I have a piece of Pauls. It has to go back to the late 40’s as I am 60 and my parents always had it in their home. It says 220/41/

    Can I send a pic to identify it? Also to see how much it may be worth

  55. I have a carrot shaped (maybe candy) dish that is orange with green top and a bamboo handle. On the bottom is painted black but is not painted where it sits on the bottom and is marked ITALY and numbered 5 . 207. Just curious because I love almost everything that is vintage. It has been in my family at least 45 years.
    Thank you

  56. Hi im billy
    I have a bowl, maby a fruit bowl or a pata bowl, i dont know. It has 1 pepper 1 pickle 1 plum and 3 beats on it, it has brush stroke and a orange brown bottom ring. On the bottom it says ITALY 25/A and its all in caps just like that. If yo have any ifo on it please let me know.


  57. DESIMONE Pottery;


    “Here is an absolutely breath taking and amazing piece of pottery by Italian Artist Giovanni Desimone, a student of Pablo Picasso.” False, he was not a student of Picasso!

    Buyer beware; These E-bay descriptions for Giovanni Desimone pottery are incorrect. Most of these items were not made by Giovanni, buy were made in the De Simone factory.

  58. My Neighbor is 91 and i am trying to help him sell some treasures 16-17th century Majolica Game Pie Tureen with So Much Detail WOW..Most Gorgeous thing I have ever seen!! Museum Quality Piece.I know it is a Rare find who Can I trust to give me Accurate Information on My Piece. It was appraised in new york in the 1960s for 10,000.00.I am Desperate for Information!!!would like to make this a Dream come True!! for Him if anyone Can help me.Thanks in Advance email at lazykujo at Comcast dot Net!!

  59. I have a very large Soup Tureen with a pedestool base,
    a very large 15 3/4″ platter, and a large leaf shaped ladle. The handles on the soup Tureen are shaped like a leaf. The lid handle is a folded leaf. It is cream colored with green trim. On the bottom it has; made in Italy, Italy is printed in green script with the number 46/2.
    I am trying to find the value of these pieces.
    Can you help me.
    Thank You

  60. Dear Manuela;
    I was recently given three ceramic bowls by a friend whose mother (from Toronto, Canada) left them in her estate. The undersides are bisque and rough, numbered and marked ‘Italy’. They look hand-crafted; however, they are a unique style that I haven’t found on any of the Italian pottery catalogues or websites I’ve seen. I have photos and wondered if I could send you one to look at. I’m interested in your opinion as to whether they are truly Italian and possibly from what region. I can see by the comments posted that you must be deluged by such requests so please forgive me for imposing on your time. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Warm wishes, Sue

  61. I have a pitcher cream and brown in color with orange and yellow flowers on one side. It’s approximately a foot tall. The bottom is rough with Tonya the word ITALY in caps. Can you please tell me more about this or direct me to someone. Thank you

  62. Hi everyone, I have 2 pieces signed SCU in a triangle with intertwined PR itialy . I believe the are Rubboli and would like to know more about them and their value . Thanks! Love your blog! Rose

  63. i bought a large plain white ceramic pitcher today at a flea market and wish to know more about it. it is approx. 12″ tall and 8″ wide with various sculpted fish on it. it is marked, “made in italy 7715” it does have an rough spot on the bottom however it is white, not terra cotta. any ideas?

  64. i have a deruta urn stlye vase its white back ground with orange and brown flowers and leavera on it rough on the under edge it also has a brown spot near the name deruta ive had it a least 27 years but was in my family before that

  65. I found this vase that people are telling me may be Italian. Somewhere along the line someone put a rubber bottom on it that I have only been able to pull bits and pieces. I have not uncovered a mark yet. Is there anyway to send a picture? Looks almost like picasso painting.

  66. I have a ceramic / Clay Bell it has what looks like a fish or camillion or lizard looking creature on top that is orange on one side and purple on the other the bell is painted white with a green design. Inside it says DESIMONE ITALY 62. Is this a one of a kind? I can not find this item anywhere and can you tell me the worth? This was in my Aunts hutch for many years and I just recently inherited it.
    Thank You

  67. Just bought 4 coffee mugs by desimone, numbered 21. I have another vase made by him and these mugs are really heavy – very ‘chunky’. Is this standard or could I have gotten fakes? Thanks.

  68. I bought a shallow ceramic dish at the “Leonardo” Autogrill, which are the roadside chain restaurants along the Italian turnpike. I accidentally broke this cute-looking dish, that I paid less than five euros for, and looked on EBay to see if anyone would have it for sale. It had sentimental value as it reminded me of my trip to Italy. Imagine my surprise that the prices for such a dish were fifty dollars and up! Sure, it’s made in Italy, but it’s not rare (it has no unglazed area). I guess I”ll have to go back to Italy to find one that’s reasonably priced.

  69. I have a small ceramic container that has a lid on it and it is beautifully painted with 3 children,mountains in the background,trees and grass. The lid and top of container is trimmed in gold. On the bottom it has 64/73 Italy,no type of symbolis there. It belonged to my grandmothers sister and I would like to know more about it. Can you help?

  70. Hello:

    I have acquired a vase that seems to be ceramic, with what seems to be wooded decorative handles and base. On the base underneath it says, “hand made, Italy design, M.Y.E. Could you help me with this please. I could send a picture if that would help.

    Many thanks.


  71. I have a ceramic hanging 13″x13″ of the Nativity with the wise men by Desimone. On the back, which is not glazed, in black paint? it says Desimone Made in Italy for Vietri. Then the numbers 16416 or is it /64/6 not sure?

    I purchased this from the Estate Sale of Jack Palance in 2005. The late Actor. His art collection was huge as he traveled the world. The auctioneers were from Pennsylvania and could not tell me anything about it.

    Do you have any idea of value?

    Thank You,

    Kathy Farris

  72. I found a piece of pottery and at the bottom it states Nazareno Picch…(can’t read rest) lavorato a mana Deruto and the numbering is 205,100 and Made in Italy. (It is very multi-colored.). To explain it when you take a paper bag and kind of crumble it it is folded in places. This piece I have is exactly like that. It is gold, red (not a bright red), and kind of a teal green. Can you possibly tell me what I have here. It is not large .. about 8×6 and it has two handles on either side. Please email your responses. I would be most grateful.

  73. I have a pottery bowl or vase with three legs and on each leg has a women, I know its not a fake but I cant find any information on this piece. It has markings on the bottom that says Italy E C. Can you tell me who is the maker?
    Thank you

  74. Hi we were given by an elderly Italian neighbour 2 Desimone vases. They were given them by visiting friends a few years ago but do not know the history. How can we tell if they are Desimone? Thanks

  75. hi i have a bowl it looks like it might be a pencil holder on the bottom of it it says made in italy v1.3./51??? i have no idea what that means but ive been reading on ur blog on how to spot a fake and this is defently a real i know it is

  76. So happy our blog post about how to identify authentic Italian pottery was of help!

  77. The pottery by De Simone is always signed “DE SIMONE” and the signature is usually visible on the piece.

  78. I have a blue glazed vase with gold trim and gold seahorses at the rim. The bottom markings are in gold printing “Paul’s 400/3072/A Italy. Also a circular green and gold sticker that has a globe with E P P & Co. Est 1898. I would like to know how old this vase is and if it’s of any value.

  79. I have a porcellain Devil’s Head. It’s face is scary looking and whte. It has really curly hair, a red tongue and torqoise thorns. I know it wold have to be over 50 years old. I ot it from my deceased father’s home. The name on the back is signed P Malioni. The gold sticker says ceramiche darte marioni. F Italy. Thankyo in advance if you can tell me anything about this. M

  80. We found some info for you. Paolo Marioni founded a small pottery factory in Calenzano (Florence) in 1966. His production is quite interesting, as relevant Italian and International artist designed the pottery pieces that he manufactured in limited quantities.

  81. I have what I think are grandmas dishes from Italy. On the bottom it says FBC. ANAC. One has 5505 on it. Are they authentic ?? Thank you

  82. I have a piece of ceramic, floral in design, red rose and blue flower with yellow center and multiple green colored leaves On a cream colored background, about 6 inches tall and 6 inches wide, footed, rough terracotta ring on bottom, signed by hand
    ITALY 987


    I can’t find any information. It appears to be rather old but somewhat primitive. Any information will be so very much appreciated!

  83. Does anyone know if Desimone signed all of his pieces. I have a piece that has italy signed on the bottom with a handdrawn flower but looks like one of his.

  84. I have a covered cantagalli sugar bowl with additional markings. Next to the cockrell on the bottom are the letters Z B underlined above the number 952. The world Italy also appears and at the bottom is the number 23. Can anybody identify the age, artist or meaning of the markings.

    The sugar bowl cover has “ears” which are jutting out leaves.

  85. I have several platters, serving dishes and lidded baking dishes that are ceramic/stoneware. They are white with some type of black berries and leaves. Each piece is numbered on the bottom and there is a rust-colored triangle that says “ITALY, MONTELUPO, and MANCIOLI” (not sure about the MANCIOLI?) I have searched online a lot and cannot find any pieces that look like this. I can send pictures if you can help with the identification. Thanks so much!

  86. I have a ceramic painted 11 inch rooster figurine. On the bottom is painted “Italy” in blue paint with a marking that looks like a T over a C., also in blue. There is also a small green sticker with “H.23” handwritten on the sticker. Can you tell me if it is real Italian ceramic and the approximate value. I can send a picture if needed. I know it is at least 50 years old.

  87. I found some pottery that has the marks written 40/10 m. n. lo Italy and the t in Italy looks like an umbrella. Any idea as to when this would have been produced or by whom?

  88. Hi I live in New Jersey USA and recently a member of my family passed away leaving a lot of my grand parents ceramics My grand father was from Naples. Can you tell me who I can contact to see if any of these items are Italian ceramics?

  89. I recently acquired a glazed terracotta plate (12″diameter) that says Nicolo’ Giuliano at the bottom. It is glazed with a blue background with a yellow, green and white floral background. I followed your guidelines in determining the authenticity and it applies to this piece. Yet, I can not find anything online that comes close to this plate…I’m seeking to understand if I possibly have an authentic Nicolo’ Giuliano piece and the approximate age. Is there a way I could send some photos? thank you

  90. I have a white Pitcher with a gold ring around the top, bottom and on the handle. I has gold flowers around the middle. Printed on the bottom of the pitcher says:
    FOR F.B. ITALY — Renaissance 22/119.

  91. I can see no replies to any of the questions above and think this link should be closed.
    Why have this link if no-one bothers to answer any of the questions asked?

  92. I have an ivory colored tureen with green polka dots arranged in little circles and two green dots near the edge on the bottom. Can anyone help me determine its origin?

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