Tuscan pottery and more

Are you planning to visit Tuscany? Tuscan pottery, arts and crafts are one of the reasons you go there?

Then you’ll love the project Collezioni Toscane, sponsored by the regional government.

It features a directory of 300 studios (botteghe) and artisans who make traditional hand made goods in Tuscany. Places where breathtaking objects are made out of gold, semi precious stones, silver, scagliola, clay, leather and paper.

This precious list is available at  Collezioni Toscane, where you have access to all the info that will help you to go out of the ordinary travel itineraries and design your own holiday. You’ll be able to experience the art and craft of your favorite hand made objects, to see the difference in materials and techniques, to travel back in time…

You can choose one of the 83 suggested tours or use all the info on the artisans to create a personalized itinerary, following your inclination and taste.


PS: don’t miss the opportunity to visit ND Dolfi

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  1. Wow, thanks! I didn’t realize that ArTour was continuing and moving into other areas of Tuscany (i saw one event in Florence last Fall). I will post about this on the Tuscany Arts fan page on facebook – i write the official blog for the arts in Tuscany and am really interested in maiolica, so I’ve been following your blog for a while and waiting for something Tuscan to come up!

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