Argillà – Faenza Pottery Festival

Sept. 4- 5, 2010
Faenza – Italy

Faenza International pottery festival

Launched only two years ago, Argillà has already become the largest International pottery festival in Italy. In a few weekends almost 200 selected ceramicists from Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Nederland, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia and other European countries will display their works in the historical district in Faenza.

A great chance for anyone to discover the world of pottery and pottery makers, to learn more about ceramics or just to have fun.

Events, temporary exhibitions, cultural activities and street performances will add spice to the weekend. Here are some examples:

# World Potters’ Wheels Competition – Potter’s Gold (Mondialtornianti – L’oro del vasaio)
The best wheel throwers in the world will compete in Piazza del Popolo, showing their technical qualities and creativity

# Focus on Poland
Poland is the 2010 guest of honor. Many events are scheduled to celebrate Polish ceramics, such as an exhibition of traditional ceramics by craftsmen from the city of Bolesliawic and work by young ceramicists from Wroclaw County, an exhibition on Alicjia Patanowska and Monika Griecko, a retrospective exhibition on Leszek Nowosielski and a parade of “clay men” along the streets and through the squares of Argillà

# Kilns in the square (Forni in Piazza)
Open-air performance by Tuscan ceramicist Alberto “Caba” Cavallini and Terry Davies, who will kiln fire pottery made by many artists, working together with the students of Faenza Art Institute.

For the complete program, please browse the official website Argillà Italia, or email