Italian Ceramics celebrate Valentine’s Day

Save the date!!!
On February 14th the Museum of Ceramics in Deruta and Montelupo celebrate Lovers and the timeless (and inspired!) connection of Art and Love.

If Deruta is your choice, the rendez-vous is at 4 pm downtown, at the Regional Museum of Ceramics, ready for “Dulce est Amare”, a guided tour to the collection of Renaissance Love Cups that won this tiny village huge fame in the world.

The Love Cups – coppe amatorie, often decorated with beautiful women’s profiles, hearts, joined hands, were awesome Italian majolica wedding gifts very popular among wealthy families. The bride and the groom would  both drink from their customized cup on their wedding day and the groom would offer “confetti” (sugar coated almonds) from the Love Cup or Love Dish to all the guests.

If you’re more into Tuscan pottery, the Museum of Ceramics in Montelupo will welcome you with a “buy one ticket get one free” promotion and a sweet chocolate gift from 10 am to 6 pm.


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  1. Rendez-vous at Regional Museum of Ceramics is really wonderful. Though I am new to this blog, I think I will have to regularly visit it to update my professional knowledge of ceramics.

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