Ancient Ceramic Artifact Found near Montelupo

lastramontelupowebArchaeologists working in the area of Montelupo Fiorentino report a new find. It’s a remarkable ceramic plaque, a full relief featuring the head of a veiled woman, believed to date back about 2500 years.

The artifact is made of terracotta. The woman is wearing earrings and a necklace. Her hair is pinned on her head. She is surrounded by acanthus leaves.

The plaque was probably part of the fronton of a temple or of its sloping roofs. The archaeologists found it on the bottom of a 7.5 mt deep water pit, on a layer of gravel and accurately covered with stones. The setting of the plaque has prompted the assumption that the woman, possibly a Goddess, was laid there to protect the water of the pit.

The quality of the artifacts and its exceptional preservation make it a valuable addition to the Museum of Archaeology in Montelupo. One more reason, if necessary, to visit this beautiful spot of Tuscany, worldwide famous for its handmade Tuscan pottery.

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