Brajo Fuso – A Certain Idea of Ceramics

Nov. 13, 2010 – Jan. 9, 2011
Torgiano, Italy

Italian Ceramics - A Certain idea of Ceramics - Brajo Fuso (1899-1980)Thirty years after his death, Umbria celebrates Brajo Fuso with two exhibitions.

The first one aims to sketch for the visitors the portrait of this eclectic Italian artist thru his paintings, sculptures and jewels. The other exhibition focuses on his ceramic works and, thanks to the curatorial effort of Giulio Busti and Franco Cocchi, it promises to cast some new light on Brajo’s creative path.

Brajo Fuso (1899-1980) is considered one of the most representative Italian artists of the 20th century. In 1943, in the middle of a successful medical doctor career, he started experimenting with color paints and wood, strings and clay, and any material that aroused his creativity.

Three years after, his first solo exhibition won him the reputation of a visionary artist. He represented in his work the facts of everyday life, he said, such as “the public protests, people standing in line for food, the wounded, the prisoners, the psychiatric hospitals…”.

His art was named DebrisArt, because he mostly used found debris for his work, that has anticipated in many ways ideas and themes that were to be developed by other artists in many countries.

He loved to gather his pieces inside and outside his personal museum, the Fuseum, a “center of cultural and artistic gathering, open to everybody”.
Brajo Fuso. Una certa idea della Ceramica
Palazzo Malizia, Torgiano (Perugia)
Opening hours:
Mon – Sat. 9.30/12.30 am – 3.30/6.30 pm
Sun 3.00/6.30 pm
Ph: 349 5774738

Brajo Fuso. Works from 1945 to 1980
Palazzo della Penna
Perugia, Via Podiani 11
Nov. 21, 2010 – Jan. 9, 2011