Your Christmas Travel Guide to Italian Pottery Events: Tuscan Pottery and Textiles

Nov. 20, 2010 – Feb. 28, 2011
Prato – Italy

Italian Ceramics - Tuscan Pottery and Textiles - Photo credits: www.museodeltessuto.itA dialogue between Tuscan arts during the Renaissance. This is the subtitle of this unusual exhibition, stemming from the joint efforts of the Textile Museum in Prato and the Museum of Ceramics in Montelupo Fiorentino.

From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance these two arts represented a major source of income for the area between Florence and Prato, in Western Tuscany, the outstanding quality of their artifacts, their creative excellence and exquisite taste being the key reasons for their popularity.

Interestingly, the pottery made in Montelupo from the 14th to the 16th century shows a certain resemblance to the patterns of silk textile designed in the same period of time. This is indeed the main theme of the exhibition, that compares the two arts from the point of view of designs and common cultural models and highlights their similarities.

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