Italian ceramic artists at the European Ceramic Context 2010

Sept. 11 – Nov. 7, 2010
Bornholm, Denmark

Italian Ceramics - Artwork by artist Martha Eugenia Pachon - Photo credits: flickr.comMartha Eugenia Pachon, Mirco Denicolò and Alessandro Neretti will represent Italian art ceramic at the European Ceramic Context 2010 held at the Bornholm Art Museum in Bornholm, Denmark.

The event includes two wide-ranging exhibitions, one for the Established Artists, titled Ceramic Art, and one for the New Talent, presenting the work of 110 artists from 30 European countries.
A selection committee of 4 members will make the final selection and assign the prizes.

The Bornholm Art Museum will host the Ceramic Art exhibition, that will be opened on Saturday 11 September 2010 at 2 p.m. Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess will attend the opening ceremony.

Later in the day, at 4 p.m. the New Talent exhibition will open at the Grønbechs Gård.

Martha Eugenia Pachon
Martha was born in Santafé de Bogotà in Colombia in 1967. She graduated in Fine Arts at the Surcolombiana University in Neiva, where she taught until 2000.

In 2000 she moved to Faenza, Italy, to specialize in porcelain and stoneware at the Art Institute G. Ballardini.
Currently, she lives and works in Fognano, not far from Faenza.

Her works have been featured in many exhibitions in Colombia, Cuba, Luxemburg, Egypt, Spain, France, Italy, China, Japan, Belgium, Germany. She’s been awarded important prizes in Italy, Colombia and Japan.

An in-depth exploration of the women condition and feelings marks most of her work, always rich in harmony and poetry. Memories, experimentalism, field research, sensuality, passion are themes of her colorful installations, where her Latin American heritage playfully blends in the universal language of arts.

Mirco Denicolò
Mirco got his degree at the Art Institute in Pesaro in 1981 and specialized at the Art Institute G. Ballardini in Faenza, where he works and lives. His works have been featured in many exhibitions in Italy, Nederland, Corea, USA,

Alessandro Neretti (alias NERO)
Alessandro was born in Faenza in 1980. He now lives and works in Faenza and Naples.
Although very young, his works have been featured in two solo exhibitions in Faenza and Modena and some collective exhibitions in Italy.

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