International Ceramic Festival in Montelupo – Tuscany

June 21-29, 2008
Montelupo – Italy

Tuscan ceramics - International Ceramic Festival in MontelupoMontelupo is a charming Medieval city built on a hill, a few miles east of Florence.
That was about it, until a team of archeologists discovered an old well full of kiln shards in 1973.

Tuscan ceramics - Pozzo dei Lavatoi - MontelupoThe unexpected discovery shed new light on the role of Montelupo in the history of Tuscan ceramics. It’s now a well-established fact that the town was one of the most important ceramic centers in Italy during the Renaissance and the production area of all the Florentine pottery.

The pride of such a splendid heritage revived the art of pottery making and had a positive impact on the local economic development.
Today Montelupo is a flourishing town, rich with historical buildings, talented potters and an awesome Museum of Ceramics.

To celebrate the glory of the past and today’s pottery art and craft an International Ceramic Festival is organized every year in the streets of the old historic district of Montelupo.

In a few weeks, from June 21st, performances, activities, art demos, exhibitions and young artists’ installations will definitely change the look of the town.

Since first being staged in 1993, the Festival has increased the number of exhibitions and activities related to contemporary ceramic art and has promoted the interaction between the traditional craft and the innovative ideas of designer and art students.

The 2008 edition is a very special one!
The new Regional Museum of Ceramics has just been opened, the School of Ceramics celebrates its 25th birthday, many young artists are joining the party and valuable collections have been donated to the Municipality. Enough to start packing …

The Festival key events

The Conti Collection
A special exhibition will be held in the Excelsion Exhibition Center featuring an antique ceramic collection that has recently been donated to the Museum of Ceramics by Marisa Conti, former Government Official responsible for the Architectural Heritage in Tuscany.
The pieces range from the 5th to the 18th century and include pottery made in the ancient Tuscia region (currently Lazio), Muslim pottery from Iran, Spanish and Tuscan pottery.

Alessio Tasca Exhibition
Alessio Tasca is a well known contemporary artist from Nove. His works will be hosted in the charming building of the Prioria di San Lorenzo.

Contemporary pottery
The Palazzo del Podestà, former house of the Museum of Ceramics, will open its new season as contemporary art center. It will host a special exhibition to celebrate the 25th birthday of the School of Ceramics and the works of Ceramiche Mancioli, one of the most important factories in Montelupo.

From the world
This year French and Moroccan pottery will be the subject of two separate exhibitions, meant to be a window on International Pottery Art.

Special projects will stimulate the interaction between young artists and crafters, enhancing innovation in pottery making, such as the Contemporary Art Workshop directed by Maestro Giancarlo Scapin and Argillux, a design contest.

The Museum of Ceramics
It’s absolutely a must for any pottery lover. It houses a unique collection of Tuscan pottery made in Montelupo between the 13th and the 18th century. The famous Rosso di Montelupo stands out among them as the symbol of the originality and refinement of the local Renaissance pottery.

Montelupo Fiorentino is a nice, authentic little town. Definitely not the restyled-for-tourists’-sake kind of place, so if you’re willing to take a few steps from the crowd, you may want to spend a few days here. You’ll enjoy the view of a breathtaking countryside and a genuine art and craft heritage.

International Ceramic Festival – Montelupo, Tuscany
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  1. I just returned from two weeks in Montespertoli, only 15k away from Montelupo. While in Sienna, a friend bought a beautiful piece of Tombelli ceramics, at quite a price I might add. While chatting with the saleslady, she mentioned that they had a studio in Montelupo. I could hardly wait to get there since the Sienna store was a little too pricey for me. We found the studio and two fabulous artisans who spoke no English (I know 10 Italian words)…well, we managed to convey the point that we wanted to possibly buy something…they took us upstairs to a room FILLED with Tombelli ceramics!!! My girlfriends and I wanted to snatch up the entire room and take it home with us! Instead, we all purchased 5 or 6 pieces…for way less than our other friend paid in Sienna for her one. My only regret is that I didn’t buy more while I was there…I have just found your site and am really enjoying reading more about Italian ceramics. I wish I had been armed with this information before I went. Thanks!

  2. Hi, myname is elena, and I would like to know more about your centre and activities. I am living in Sydney, originally from Chzechoslovakia,and Itally would be my next destination soon. If I can be at any service please let me know, Thank you, Elena

  3. Can I see photos of Tombelli Ceramics. I want to enter their website but am unable to do so. I’m looking for gifts as I will visit in October of 2009.

  4. I would like to participate in your competitions for ceramics,will you be kind enough to send me the details of competative events planned for year 2010 and 2011?
    I would also like to spend 2/3 weeks with potters over there,participate in workshops or even conduct workshops.How do I do this?
    Do reply in detail,asap,
    Shalan[a potter from India]

  5. i was given as a gift, a piece of pottery marked montelupo fiorentio, ceramiche. #p 3 g f z. do you know anything about it or can you suggest somewhere i can find out. thanks for your help!

  6. When will the montelupo fiorentio, ceramic festival be held this year June 2012?

  7. Hi Anita,
    Montelupo ceramic festival will be held from June 23 to July 1, 2012.

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