Alessandro Kokocinski – Earth and Fire

August 6 – Sept. 10, 2011
Montefalco – Italy

Make sure to save the date because this exhibition is not to be missed.

Alessandro Kokocinski is a powerful interpreter of the human soul, of its spiritual tensions and longings. His works exude pathos and drama: every feeling is allowed, except indifference.

The Russian fantastic world, the Latin America passion and realism, the 17th century Italian chiaroscuro blend in his paintings and surface from his sculptures, creating a wave of energy that grabs the staring viewer without any warning.

This exhibition will focus on the artist’s terracotta sculptures. The Bontadosi Art Gallery will host most of the works, but one, the large terracotta installation known as “Jacob’s ladder”, that will be set in the wonderful scenario of the former Church of Santa Maria in Piazza.

The complicated and troubled life of Alessandro Kokocinski across five continents definitely contributed to his art.

Alessandro Kokocinski was born in Italy in 1948. Both his parents were revolutionaries, his mother from Russia and his father from Poland. In the early Sixties he was in Argentina, where he joined a Circus as an acrobat and travelled across Latin America.

Persecuted by the Argentinean military regime for his political views, he escaped to Chile then to Italy where he was welcomed in Rome by his fellow Italian artists and eventually decided to settle down.

His work, a distinctive mix of painting and sculpture, offered to the shocked European audience a clear cut report of the crimes of the military regime in Argentina and a merciless picture of South American society.

In the Eighties he travelled to Asia and to Central Europe, his solo exhibitions increasing his already established popularity.

He lives and works in Tuscania, near Viterbo.

His works are hosted in some of the most important museums of the world: the Vatican Museums in Rome, the Jorge Luis Borges Foundation in Buenos Aires, the Gallery of Modern Art in Bologna, the Museum of Modern Art in Santiago de Chile and the StadtMuseum in Dresden.

Palazzo Bontadosi Art Gallery

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