Alessandro Kokocinski – Earth and Fire

August 6 – Sept. 10, 2011
Montefalco – Italy

Make sure to save the date because this exhibition is not to be missed.

Alessandro Kokocinski is a powerful interpreter of the human soul, of its spiritual tensions and longings. His works exude pathos and drama: every feeling is allowed, except indifference.

The Russian fantastic world, the Latin America passion and realism, the 17th century Italian chiaroscuro blend in his paintings and surface from his sculptures, creating a wave of energy that grabs the staring viewer without any warning.

This exhibition will focus on the artist’s terracotta sculptures. The Bontadosi Art Gallery will host most of the works, but one, the large terracotta installation known as “Jacob’s ladder”, that will be set in the wonderful scenario of the former Church of Santa Maria in Piazza.

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Rosanna Minuto – Apology of the horn

June 12 – July 29, 2011
Montefalco, Italy

The subtitle of this exhibition is “From the faun up till now” and the key character is the Corno, the most popular Italian amulet.

There’s much irony in Rosanna Minuto’s works. They subtly play with one of our oldest beliefs that has been often scorned and snubbed, yet, miraculously, has survived pretty much intact up to the present time.

The Corno, our in(famous) lucky charm, is a gently twisted horn-shaped amulet that is worn as a protection against evil eye. It’s of ancient origins. About 3500 years b.C. it was hanged outside the huts as a symbol of fertility.

In Egypt the horns were offered to the goddess Isis who was the ideal mother and wife as well as the matron of nature and magic. Jupiter gave a magic horn to his wet nurse as a thank you gift.

During the Middle Ages the horn worked as a lucky charm only if red and hand made because red was the symbol of the victory over the enemies and its luck came from the very hands that made it.

From then on the horn have kept evil away from their owners and they still do an excellent job!

Apologia del Cornuto
Bontadosi ArtGallery
Piazza del Comune 19, Montefalco (Perugia)
Ph: +39 0742 379357