Tonina Cecchetti – “Vèstíti di vestíti”

February 15 – April 19, 2008
Firenze – Italy

A solo exhibition will feature Tonina Cecchetti’s most recent works: large and small sculptures made of terracotta and coated in different materials.
Terracotta sculpture by Tonina CecchettiThe mother and child theme runs through each and every work with poetical intensity. Their “clothes” protect them but at the same time imprison them in an ambiguity or dilemma which is typical of Cecchetti’s art philosophy.
Iron, leather, wool and other recycled materials are matched to painted and glazed terracotta.
Tonina Cecchetti lives in Sigillo, not far from Gubbio in Umbria, where the tradition of pottery making is deeply rooted. Gubbio ceramics are very famous thanks to Mastro Giorgio’s lustres which are among the masterpieces of Italian Renaissance art heritage.

Galleria Varart
Via dell’Oriuolo, 47-49r, Firenze
Tel. +39 055 284265

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