Luca Caimmi – Just Behind. Poi fu la volta della Terra

February 16 – March 13, 2008
Mondolfo – Italy

Quasi fino all'orlo - 2005 - Luca CaimmiIn Luca Caimmi’s hands, traditional structures are re-invented. The subtle beauty of his works can be found in the balance of volume and shape. A shape inspired by a vase is not meant to contain something but to delimit the void.

His ceramics are white with silver details: the organic, earthly origin of the clay is thus hidden and forgotten. Time is frozen into eternity.

Galleria Pu-Ri’
Via XX Settembre 13
Tue/Sun: 10.00/18.00 – Thu: 10:00/22:00
Tel. +39 0721 957201

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