Todi – Summer & Wiese – We were there

Sept. 4 – Oct. 30, 2011
Todi, Italy

The exhibition featuring the works of Roland Summer and Christina Wiese opened last Sunday and we were there to meet the artists.

The Ab Ovo Gallery truly deserves a round of applause for a job well done. Not only are they introducing to the Italian public the work of two artists with an excellent International reputation, but the quality and quantity of the pieces on display is outstanding.

Meeting Roland and Christina was so special.

Roland told us about the pottery making techniques of ancient cultures and how he used them to achieve the result he wanted. The process he invented, called Lost Glaze, is time consuming, with a high degree of unpredictability and may lead to many failures along the way. Yet, the formal perfection of his pieces is astonishing.

Christina‘s work is completely different. As Roland put it, whereas his vases are empty, Christina’s pieces are full… And it’s absolutely true!

Plenty of symbols merge in her celebrated vessels. She makes them adding to a hand molded hull many small objects that she collects during her walks in the countryside or when travelling. Each object, she said, has a story to tell: someone used it, loved it, lost it. When she decides to pick it up and to use it for her ships, the object becomes a part of something that is entirely new and a new cycle begins. By definition, each vessel is unique, just like our life journey.

Her attraction for symbols and for “fullness” has also inspired her “symbolons”. Solid shapes, made of two or more pieces, that enclose small treasures: a stone, a feather, a piece of an ancient Chinese vase…

Summer & Wiese
Ab Ovo Gallery
Via del Forno 4, Todi (Perugia)
Ph. 075 8945526

Zeus and Europa – European and Italian ceramics in Todi

Aug. 29 – Sept. 12, 2010
Todi – Italy

European and Italian Ceramics - Vase by artist Kati JungerThis year the Art Festival in Todi features an additional event: a small but very qualitative ceramic exhibition organized by the Ab Ovo Art Gallery and titled “Zeus and Europa”.

Features artists: Antonella Cimatti, Wanda Fiscina, Victor Greenaway, Kati Junger, Rebecca Maeder, Rita Miranda, Luca Schiavon, Roland Summer, Ane-Katrine Von Bulow, Christina Wiese.

Leonardo Persico, owner of the Art Gallery, explains why he picked up this unusual name: “the idea was to be in line with the theme of Todi Art Festival, Cupid and Psyche. So I tried to dig into my school reminiscences and I came up with another myth, perfect for a ceramic exhibition, Zeus and Europa”.

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Art through Fire – Luca Schiavon in Todi

April 4 – Mid June, 2009
Todi – Italy

Italian Ceramics - Work by Luca Schiavon - Photo Credits: www.exibart.comNo words need to be spent on the beauty of Todi, an old town nested on a steep hill not far from Perugia,  in Umbria. These days, however, there is one more reason to plan a visit to Todi: a fascinating combination of art and good food, meant to provide enjoyment to all the senses.

The main characters of the experiment are a restaurant, hosting the exhibition “Art through Fire”, an art gallery organizing the event and the outstanding ceramic works by Luca Schiavon.

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