Tile floors that go down in history

Ceramic tiles have been used for centuries in the Mediterranean countries because they provided a durable floor surface and added color to both public and domestic settings.
Sometimes the tile floor bore the arms of the family who owned the residence or, having funded it, wanted to impress the future generations with their generosity.

Today, we draw inspiration from the elaborate designs of the past to create our own tile floors, using the same techniques that have made the history of these beautiful works of art.

Credits Victoria and Albert Museum - From the tile floor of the Church of San Francesco in Forlì, Italy

Ghenos tile floors and panels

Credits: Espressioni della Maiolica, Salerno
by Tiziana Manzetti

About a holiday in Sicily (and Sicilian pottery of course)

Just back from a holiday in Sicily! I spent a few days in Palermo then drove to the South to visit the Valle dei Templi in Agrigento.
It was my first time in Palermo and I had a blast. Palermo is so beautiful, so lively and so different from any other city I know: every corner hides a surprise. I will not mention how good the food and the weather were … don’t want to ruin your day!
As usually I was elated by the genuine beauty of Sicilian pottery, especially tiles and panels. I discovered them in the most unusual places: in the magnificent Cathedral in Palermo, in the narrow streets of Monreale, in the Museum of Anthropology in Agrigento, as stair risers on a house in Porto Empedocle.
The last day I stumbled upon a real treasure. I was visiting Palazzo Mirto in Palermo, the palace of a noble family recently opened to the public  and I noticed a precious collection of Sicilian Lumiere.
by Tiziana Manzetti
My postcards from Sicily

Lovely floor tiles at the Museum in Agrigento

Antique Sicilian floor tiles

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