Sandro Lorenzini – Wonders, Shams and Other Geometries

Dec. 4, 2010 – Jan. 31, 2011
Savona – Italy

The long theatrical activity as scenery designer and his interest in neofigurative art are the key contributors to Sandro Lorenzini’s ceramic works. Possibly these are also the reasons why he molds figurative forms, often archaic shapes that are suspended between dreams and nightmares.

In 1975, after many years spent creating theatre sceneries and listening to stories invented by other artists, Lorenzini started inventing his own stories, using sculptures instead of words. Clay had all the qualities he needed to give birth to the figures that were crowding into his mind.

In a lecture at the Foshan Ceramic Congress held in China in 2002, the artist explained why he was so much attracted by clay. He words were heartfelt and memorable: “ Clay is the material of creation, as many myths teach us: molding clay is God’s job. Using clay men can make everything and represent anything” (

With patience and absolute commitment he learned the language of clay.

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Portrait and Figures – Victor Ferraj
Until December 13, 2009

Italian ceramics - Portrait by Viktor Ferraj - Photo credits: www.viktorferraj.comHeads – from the past, from the future, from today… Viktor Ferraj chooses to look at the universe, its chaos and its mystery through the face of people.

His portraits, often reminiscent of classis sculpture, are in a continuous struggle with the informal background. Is it the birth from the chaos, or the chaos that perpetually forges the reality? The visitors can’t help wondering … still Ferraj’s people are not too bothered. They know better, maybe.

The sculptures remind the Greek and Roman classics. However the inevitable ebb and flowing of Time has broken them in many vital spots. The look eroded, used up. Still they live, they stare the visitors, sharing with him the knowledge that if everything changes, nothing gets lost.

Ferraj was born in Albania in 1965. He has been living and working in Italy since 1991.

Il Mulino Gallery
Corso Italia 37, Savona
Opening hours: Tue. to Sun. 4 pm – 7.30 pm
Ph: 0039 019 809074 – 0039 347 1666730